Britain prepares for new floods

Britain prepares for new flood danger zone

Last day in the UK fell rainfall in excess of the usual rate for June. Business owners and citizens are warned that the rains do not fall away in the next few days, particularly in the west of England and Wales. There exists a danger of flooding, as in the next day to dominate the islands reduced pressure zone will add one more.

Spectators leave the stadium because of the cancellation of a tennis match in London because of the worsening weather.
Most precipitation fell in Vigonholte, West Sussex. There, with the monthly rate of 53 mm in 21 hours fell 65 mm. About 40 private houses were under water thickness of 1.2 meters of the coast Litlgempton county. From elementary school on the south coast of Hampshire had to evacuate all residents, flooded with five classrooms, a hall and other rooms.
In Waterloo, New Hampshire, one driver was saved directly from a sinking car. Rainwater broken lives and the British capital. In the north of London and St James' Park 35 mm of rain fell, though, as a rule, in June, the city gets a little more than 50 mm.
Due to the current weather conditions in West Sussex and Surrey announced three flood warnings and more than 40 alerts about a difficult situation with the waxing water released in the south-east of England. In Wales, many people are still in evacuation areas after the flood, which occurred last week.
Ironically, the most southern part of England still retain the status of "drought". If the rain will get to them, the situation will go on improving. Since April, the local river basins and reservoirs, slowly but surely return to their water supplies, and soon will come back to normal.

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