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In recent years, the most popular are numerous methods of correction that promise to make us slim and beautiful, without any effort on our part. To understand where the truth and not much is usually not easy. But you should at least be clear that no, even the most powerful "splitter" fat itself is not able to get rid of excess weight. And there are several reasons.

  • First, remove the fat of cells in precisely those areas of the body, which we usually unhappy, very, very difficult.
  • Secondly, the body has a lot of other, more affordable fat, which will be spent in the first place.
  • Third, even if the fat is safely broken down into fatty acids, the problem of disposal, or not being utilized, it will be delayed again somewhere.

Thus, regardless of which method is selected to affect adipose tissue, they should provide:

  • lipolysis (the process of fat digestion);
  • inhibition of lipogenesis (this accordingly, the process of fat in the body);
  • improve the blood supply of fat tissue and muscle;
  • removing adipose excess fluid.

For the adult organism, which is not so much in need of material for the construction of fabrics, the most reliable way of getting rid of fatty acids is muscular work. However, contrary to popular opinion, to achieve efficient oxidation of fat through exercise is not easy. With heavy use (for example, when exercising in the gym) in the muscles burned mostly carbohydrates and fatty acid oxidation, in contrast, is suppressed. Only at moderate and long loads (such as walking on foot) muscles use for energy fat.

In thin people the ability to oxidize fat muscle tissue increases during exercise. In contrast, people with excess body weight training is not significantly affect the rate of oxidation of fats.

Methods of correction

  1. Diet and reasonable physical activity are the main factors triggering the conversion of fat, so no matter how corny it sounds, there is no point in starting activities for correction against overeating and inactivity.
  2. The most radical method of correction is plastic surgery. And the most demanded in such cases is surgery liposuction.
  3. In addition to plastic surgery, there is a whole group of hardware methods that are both treatments for cellulite. For example, this includes method mesotherapy — a method of injecting drugs where microdoses special injector ("syringe-gun") or manually with a syringe into the skin to a depth of 3-4 mm (to the level of the middle part of the dermis — mesoderm) administered cocktails of drugs, extracts of animal and plant, nutrients, vitamins, etc.
  4. One of the leading places in the body simulation programs take courses hardware lymphatic drainage. Hardware effects affect many processes in the connective and muscular tissue, helping to ease the congestion. When the hardware massages often use special creams that stimulate lipolysis. Such a correction figure shows not all and not all surfaces. For example, women with the disease of the pelvic organs (fibromatosis, cystic disease, endometriosis, etc.) hardware procedure can only be done locally on the hip region. Massage is also not prescribed for thrombophlebitis, weeping dermatitis, skin rashes, as well as intolerance of creams used for massage.
  5. Vacuum massage is to create a differential pressure on the surface of soft tissue, which allows study of the deeper layers of leads and increased metabolic processes. Vacuum massage is static (Banks still pose) andkinetic (Banks moved through the body).
  6. Treatments with the names "electromyostimulation", "microcurrent stimulation", "ripple current" — a variety of current impact on the muscle fiber. At miostimuljatsii muscles intensely reduced by an electric current, so Electromyostimulation aptly named "exercise for the lazy." Current challenging part of the muscles, and the active work of muscles causes the flow of blood and lymph flow to the tissues.
  7. Elektrolipoliz, lipolipoliz, tsellyulolipoliz, intracellular elektrolipoliz — Two different embodiments procedure using electrodes (or molded in the form of needles) at which the alternating current is allowed. One treatment lasts about an hour. A full course of treatment is generally about 2-3 months, during which it is necessary to do 15-20 procedures. Elektrolipoliz usually combined with Lymphatic massage.
  8. Endermologie technique(LPG) — this is a vacuum massage with special rollers method palpating-rolling ("rolling waves through the body"). The body is treated through a special individual suit, the procedure is comfortable, safe, and the result is based on stimulating the natural functions. Manipulator apparatus has a special chamber where a vacuum is created. The cell has parallel two cylindrical roller which rotate synchronously back and forth with varying speed. The manipulator moves the body, sucking the skin between the rollers with subcutaneous fat.

Perhaps today correction the figure is one of the most profitable and the most obscure areas of cosmetology.

To body-shaping treatments were not a waste of time and money, not bring harm to health and does not lead to the emergence of new cosmetic problems, do not fall for big promises like "fat-burning 1 kg a day." It is better to apply to the competent specialist, beautician, which will select the mode of correction, based on your individual data.

In addition, it should be remembered that even the most modern techniques require a person to respect a certain diet and water and salt balance. Otherwise, some methods, such as electromyostimulation or vacuum massage, can have the opposite effect due to the natural increase of appetite and refusal to diet on a "paid for losing weight — eat what I want."

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