East Spain on fire

East Spain on fire Natural Disasters

In the eastern Spanish region of Valencia because of the hot and dry weather two fires broke out, forcing people to evacuate 3000. Fires continue to spread, despite a slight decrease in air temperature and humidity, as well as a change in wind direction which is now blowing to the east. The police investigate the cause of a fire. It is assumed that they could provoke uncontrollable as agricultural burning, and problems with the installation of solar panels.

Red in the image indicate locations of existing fires.
In a few days the smoke and ash from the fire reached the third largest city in Spain — Valencia, where many residents complain of breathing problems. By now burned from 30 to 45 thousand hectares, which makes fire right to be the biggest in the region over the past 20 years.

Mobilized to extinguish the fire 1800, 47 aircraft and helicopters. Completely evacuated the local power plant. Meanwhile, the temperature continues to stay in the area + 40 º C, and the moisture in the soil is still insufficient due to the very dry winter, recognized the driest in 70 years. These circumstances only support the continued spread of fire. There is evidence of a fire in the Prats del Rey near Barcelona.
It is reported that as a result of fighting a fire in Valencia two firemen were injured, one unaccounted for after the collapse of two fire helicopters.

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