Europe — a day without temperature record

Europe — a day without temperature records Weather and Climate

Even the most northern European mills this summer ready boasting the real temperature record and surprisingly long absence of serious precipitation. Thus, in eastern Finland the thermometer rose to an incredible +30 ° C and above. The country is constantly raging summer thunderstorms with wind speeds of 15-25 m / s in some places have left villages without electricity. In North Karelia, a few days as there were about 30 degrees. In the coming days, however, this wave of hot weather in the region will stop, as the western part of Finland to the east, a cold front is moving.

Drought, which is held in Italy, by the end of July decreased the production of raw milk by 10%, as the country turned into pastures parched expanses, and animals during the heat given poor-quality product. Farmers as they can, trying to cool their pets, watering them from the hoses and spray guns. In some regions losses amount to 50%. Harvests of grain, tomatoes, beets and sunflowers are heavily damaged, because the fields do not receive natural rainfall over a month.
In Romania, the National Weather Service announced a "yellow" code of danger due to the hot weather and reaching 35 .. +37 ° C high temperatures in the southern and eastern parts of the country, including the capital Bucharest. In the cities there were neoktoryh +38 ° C. The situation in the west, north and center of Romania is not so hopeless, which soon will be a series of Dodge and thunderstorms.

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