First interview of the manager of the secret agencies of the Russian Federation

The first interview with the head of the Russian secret agenciesWhat happened with the famous GRU? What are the potential enemies are now in sight of military intelligence? What are the secrets she produces for the economy?

These are very locked topics touched upon in an exclusive interview with "RG" the head of the Head Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff, Colonel-General Alexander Shlyakhturov.

Russian newspaper: Alexander, a Russian military intelligence, while the vector is oriented in the direction of NATO, which we thought possible opponent. At the moment, the world situation has changed. Whom we now consider enemies, but someone — allies?

Alexander Shlyakhturov: You correctly observed that during the "cool war" global confrontation with the West is widely used definition of "enemy" or "potential adversary." Below them were assumed to individual countries or blocs. At the moment, this terminology in military intelligence do not use. Now we are talking about the dangers that are more versatile and multivector. And, of course, about the sources of these threats.

RG: The terrorists and include either the GRU "waging war" only with the military?

Shlyakhturov: The terrorist and extremist organizations just pose the greatest danger. After all, they differ in the last act ruthlessly, with the terrorist attacks committed in time of peace.

Because in our own work, we attach importance to obtaining anticipatory intelligence disk imaging on the plans and actions of such groups against Russia. It is necessary for the timely adoption of measures, including the power of temper, which neutralize the terrorist threat.

If we talk directly, by using the power of intelligence, we are monitoring the situation in those areas from which our country could be attacked or organized military action against RF.

RG: There are many regions? For example, Georgia applies to them?

Shlyakhturov: Excellent clear that the Russian secret services do not really love Georgia. They blame the organization of subversive actions against a sovereign country. I cherished say — it's totally not true.

But in Tbilisi should know: in the case of the preparation of new military provocations against RF and its allies in the region GRU time inform about their military and political control of the country. The answer will follow immediately.

Now with regard to partnership in the special services of different countries. Lowering the level of military-political confrontation in the world, the deepening of cooperation between states, the emergence of common threats and challenges contributed to the expansion of such cooperation. GRU is involved in the process and working with the military intelligence services of many countries. In meetings with the staff of foreign special services we exchange views and assessments of the situation in the world and selected regions. We have a lack of cooperation in military technology and other fields.

I wish to say that such cooperation helps to get information to supplement our knowledge. And yet — it is easier to bring to the position of the partners of the GRU, frankly open a discussion issues on which the positions of the parties are not the same. When exploration well aware of each other, it reduces the possibility of misunderstanding at the international level. And even once predutverzhdaet worsening of bilateral relations.

Information for the first person

RG: honest, did not think that so much attention is paid to the GRU zabugornom partners. Other features also modified the military intelligence?

Shlyakhturov: And well, do not. Its classic puzzles we certainly decide. But, at the same time, intensely passionate about new areas.

At the moment there is increasing reason impermanence and uncertainty. There is a growing potential for conflict in almost all regions. Noticeable impact on the policy of economic problems. There are new challenges and dangers associated with the struggle for natural resources, the spread of nuclear technology and human-caused disasters.

Because one of our main objectives — getting of disk imaging, not only in the military, military-political and military-technical spheres, and in the military, economic and environmental spheres. Area of special attention GRU — autopsy threat to state interests and military security of the Russian Federation.

Information should not just produce, and analyzed to know what to report higher municipal and military control of the country.

RG: But it is assumed that the military exploration first works for the Army control.

Shlyakhturov: This is indeed the case. Intelligence support of the Armed Forces — our main task. GRU constantly directs the Department of Defense, the General Staff and other military authorities information about the armies of foreign countries, their armament and military equipment. In addition, we collect information about the equipment adjacent to the RF theaters of war. We also work on other issues that appear in the preparation of plans for the introduction of the Armed Forces, the construction and development of our army and navy.

RG: The President of the country are preparing such reports?

Shlyakhturov: Let's immediately clarify the status of the GRU. Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff is the external intelligence agency working on behalf of the Ministry of Defense and the military organization of the country. Because the Minister of Defence and Chief of Staff personally put my problems on obtaining a particular disk imaging. All assignments are made in a timely manner.

A more fundamental documents of the GRU sent Russian Federation President, the Prime Minister and to the Security Council. Our information taken into account when making decisions in the field of outdoor and military policy. In other words, the GRU is working to protect and strengthen the position of the Russian Federation, including in the international arena.

RG: Geography your interests somehow changed? Either the military exploration As before intensively operates across the globe?

Shlyakhturov: This is not entirely true, since the ability of at least some limited intelligence. Well, there is no such need — constantly be everywhere.

Again, I stress that in view of our interests are first regions whence come or may pose a risk to state interests and military security of Russia. These include the so-called "hot spots" where there are terrorist and extremist groups, areas of crisis situations affecting international stability and security, the sources and the likely routes of illegal proliferation of nuclear materials and components of weapons of mass destruction.

Attention to the area or to another is dependent on the municipal values of. Because sometimes there is a redistribution exploration targets in different regions.

"Pitching" Intelligence is not needed

WP: Let's move on from the highest policy to purely military matters. During the reform of the army a lot of frustration and wrote almost about the collapse of the GRU. To what extent are you affected by structural transformations, which currently represents the main intelligence department?

Shlyakhturov: Military exploration — it is not an easy structure, and it is constantly being improved. In the process of forming a new branch of the armed forces of the GRU, indeed, there
was a reorganization and a certain reduction. Here it is necessary to understand the main thing: the changed world situation impartially sought adjustment of intelligence value and the mechanism of their implementation.

At the current time, the GRU has its composition producing organs, both operational and technical, and information and analytical frameworks and provide department.

I wish to emphasize that the GRU is in fact the only intelligence agency in the world, which has in its structure all known at the current time, the types and directions of exploration. With all of this of the central apparatus of the Head Intelligence incomparably smaller than that at least some foreign military intelligence.

It is clear that the criteria for a successful solution of these goals, first, provides the highest professional scouts. Well, of course, can not be discounted widespread use in all the intelligence agencies of modern technology and the latest advances in information, telecommunications and gallakticheskih technologies and innovations.

For example, we have the technical ability to operate in electric and gallakticheskoy areas. It provides important information about the situation in the conflict zones and areas that interest the military intelligence.

RG: I can not ask about your special forces. Because it passed under the authority of the military districts?

Shlyakhturov: Indeed, the units and special purpose now included in the organizational structure of the military districts and fleets, as well — in the Navy. But they are the principal component of operational intelligence.

These units as before have the highest willingness to address the special problems. There are well prepared soldiers for whom nothing is unenforceable on the battlefield and in deep behind enemy lines.

General Intelligence Department, as before, defines ideology and direction of development of this type of intelligence, forms and methods of implementation capabilities SWAT training of professionals and technology policy for the development of his weapons and special equipment.

I can say that in its combat abilities Russian special forces niskolechko not inferior to special purpose entities of the leading countries in the world. And according to some nuances, and exceeds them.

RG: It turns out that our directors will not preomnazhayut when the show on the screens of SWAT-Superman. This muscular Rambo in the Russian version.

Shlyakhturov: No, the real military spies are quite unlike cinematic Kostolomov. Even in the GRU Spetsnaz no bulky "bullies." With such an invoice to them it would be difficult to make long marches and very discreetly solve assigned tasks.

We need to realize that part of the GRU military intelligence in general contain different organs and structures. Because there is no one stereotype military spy. But I can highlight the main features relevant for people who are either working in our bodies and departments.

First, it's the Patriots, people with the highest sense of responsibility that can do tasks assigned to all criteria, including the risk of life. Military intelligence are of the highest professionalism, advanced thinking, broad-minded. Virtually all military scouts have several foreign languages. They use in their own work of modern information technology. We have a lot of candidates and medical sciences, is not only in the field of special activities, and on other fronts.

And, of course, for successful work in the GRU to cancel psycho-emotional stability, high level of physical fitness. They are needed as personnel responsible for operational activities abroad and technicans in Device alert. Without these properties is hard to imagine a careful work of the expert analyst. They are required, and the executive staff of the Head Intelligence Agency.

WP: You mentioned the highest technical equipment of the GRU. Military intelligence in any way affect the re our army? For example, do you track trends in the global arms market and give advice to military control on what defense technologies should be guided?

Shlyakhturov: GRU is working hard in this direction. Our experts-analysts are preparing materials on the major trends in the development of the armies of foreign countries, their equipment new generation of military equipment, technological breakthroughs abroad, the creation of a fundamentally new weapons systems.

Information is sent to the management of the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff, in research institutions and proper defense industry complex of Russia. Obviously, it helps to inform decision-making in the framework of programs from the arms of the State, also contributes to the strengthening of the military-industrial potential of the country.

If necessary, the GRU can give a detailed description of at least Which foreign standard, system tools, or to equipment and to compare them with the Russian developments.

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