Floods in central Nigeria took the lives of 28 people

Floods in central Nigeria took the lives of 28 people Natural Disasters

According to local authorities, the floods in central Nigeria, caused by heavy rain, took the lives of 28 people. List of missing grows. Many houses, bridges and land destroyed. It is reported that about 1,500 residents were evacuated.

The Red Cross is assessing the magnitude of floods. According to preliminary data of the water it took at least 5 settlements. Two days of heavy rains are the most this season. Evacuated people remain in need of food and blankets.

This is not the first major flood in the last 2 months. In July, the dam because of the spill killed 35 people, and more than 200 houses were destroyed. Most of the population of Nigeria is suffering from seasonal rainfall, which is observed during the period from March to September. The authorities have warned that in the coming days, floods can happen in other regions.

Nigerian authorities condemned for the lack of measures to mitigate the effects of annual flooding. Most major cities are overcrowded, and many people live in life-threatening conditions. Drains poorly regulated and, therefore, also contribute to the problem. In 2010, the floods have affected 500,000 Nigerians living in 2/3 of the country.

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