Foreign media: new missile expanded the possibilities of the Russian Tor-M2 SAM

Foreign media: new missile expanded the possibilities of the Russian Tor-M2 SAM
Russian company «Almaz-Antey» has developed a modernized version of the defense system Tor-M2 (systematize NATO: SA-15 Gauntlet) with the newest missile interceptor, having improved properties, and double ammo, reports Defense-Update.
«Tor» — a set of ground-to-air short-range actions, designed to intercept aircraft, cruise missiles, precision guided munitions, unmanned aerial vehicles and ballistic targets.
According to Sergei Druzin, Deputy Director General of Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey» for Scientific and Technological Development, an upgraded version is unique in its class air defense system, is striking in its accuracy and range.
«We made 5 starts, aimed at highly mobile drones. Three targets were hit, «head-on», while others are destroyed by shrapnel exploding warheads. This is a beautiful result, striking accuracy «, — said S. Druzin.
Enhanced «Tor-M2», as they say, may lead «fire on the move», it provides a device that allows you to carry out your own missiles simultaneously start after stopping. To launch the missiles «Tor-M2» requiring adjustment of all systems within 3 minutes.
Two choices: Tor-M1 and Tor-M2, armed with missiles 9M331, at the present time in the service of the Russian army.
Four 9M331 missiles are loaded on one clip

9M331 missiles are loaded into two stacks of cages in any four missiles
The new complex, equipped with new missiles 9M338, has been successfully tested at the end of October 2013. Worth adding that the lowest, compared with the previous size missiles 9M338 increment has permitted the carrying capacity of the booster twice, from 8 to 16 missiles.
Officials said that the improved anti-missile system Tor-M2 missile 9M338 and were approved by State Commission for mass production.
«We can chat at the moment to start creating these missiles in an amount that is required of the Russian army,» — said S. Druzin.
SAM Tor-M2e exported to Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine, China, Venezuela and Iran. More earliest version (M1) also exported to Greece, Cyprus and Egypt.
According to S. Druzin next step to improve the complex will be expressed in the launch of missiles hitting targets on the move. Currently, mobile launcher stop for 2 or 3 seconds to launch a rocket, but it could be done without stopping.
Export version, popular entitled Thor M2e also armed interceptor missiles 9M338 air defense system and is a short-range actions. It is able to intercept maneuvering targets with air-jet engine at a distance 1-12 km and a height of up to 10 km above the ground.
Cruise missiles and drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) can be destroyed at a distance of from 1.5 to 7 km (maximum), high-precision weapons intercepted at a distance of 50 m and maximum range of 6 km. The highest speed is 700 m goals / c (2, 520 km / h).
Thor M2e may lead 4 targets at once. It is expected that the export version will also be equipped with a new interceptor.

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