Geoinzhnernoe solution is not suitable for the salvation of the Baltic Sea

Geoinzhnernoe solution is not suitable for saving the Baltic Sea to save the planet

Over the last decade, about 60,000 km2 bottom of the Baltic Sea has suffered from hypoxia. Low levels of oxygen in the deep layers of the water is no longer able to support the livelihoods of ecosystems to the mark. As a quick proposed by geoengineering intervention artificially introduced into the water right amount of oxygen.

However, experts from the University of Lund believe that this approach will only exacerbate the current situation and should be rejected. Conclusions of scientists based on the belief that such measures will have only short effect. The possible impact of the rapid supply large amounts of oxygen in the bottom of the sea is very difficult to predict in advance and declare them as not positive. Although from a political point of view the solution is very attractive.
Perhaps that is why geoengineering mechanisms are actively developing. The Swedish Maritime Service and Water Management is planning to establish a demonstration wind farm in the south of the Baltic pump to regulate the flow of nutrients in the sea water.

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