How soon will happen eruption of Katla in Iceland?

How soon will happen eruption of Katla in Iceland? Danger zone

The increased activity of the volcano Katla in July 2011 led scientists to believe that the violent eruption to occur in the near future. In early October, there was a series of powerful earthquakes in the caldera of a volcano, but the eruption has not occurred. Dutch scientist volcanologist Andy Cooper reports that it is difficult to predict when there will be major eruption since Katla seismic activity is still at a safe level. Meteorological Service of Iceland established sensor networks around the volcano, to obtain data on the seismic, geodetic, and hydrological changes.

Iceland is located in the center of the two divergent tectonic plates. Katla — subglacial volcano 1512 meters high, located under the ice of the south eastern volcanic zone of Iceland. When subglacial volcanoes erupt, the ice melts, causing severe flooding (jokulhlaups). Large Katla eruptions usually occur every 40 years, but the last major eruption was recorded in 1918.

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