How to get out of the waste water of paper?

How to get out of the waste water of paper? It is interesting

One Israeli entrepreneurs found a way out of waste water of the city to get the paper, which can be used even in the office. As strange as it may sound, the process of recycling of sewage into the paper was surprisingly promising and economical activity.

Everything happens in the processing of "Applied clean technology", which uses an integrated solution for reducing migratory deposits in municipal plants waste water treatment and recycling of biological material in the wastewater. Water, before passing normal cleaning, gets in the installation company. It is separated by extraction of the liquid contents of a hard (soaked toilet paper, feces, and other debris). Next perform drainage procedures, then weigh dried and purified from bacteria. The resulting pulp pellets are sent to producers of paper.

Net Waste is widely used across the country for several years in the form of envelopes, for example. During this time, the quality of such securities have not received a single complaint. The whole process is strictly meet sanitary standards, which in Israel are among the most stringent.
This innovative method of paper saves hundreds of trees and runs the treated water back into circulation, it can be used for watering. His most common way to use that paper — it makes her containers for fruit and eggs. In the future we plan to introduce technologies in the U.S. and Europe.
In addition to raw materials for the paper under the brand Recyllose (recycle + cellulose) produced fuel for power plants, equipped with tsellyulozozavisimaya ethanol industry. In this area a lot of prospects, as found property derived cellulose pellets release an incredible amount of energy when burned. "Applied clean technology" to think about how to give up electricity and supply its own power.

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