In Cuba reduced the number of forest fires

In Cuba reduced the number of forest fires Facts

According to the Cuban firefighters early rainy season and effective government measures have helped reduce the number of forest fires in Cuba in the first half of the year by almost 50%. In the first half of 2012 there were about 376 forest fires, which is 46% less than the same period last year, when local firefighters had to fight with 695 fires.

Typically, in the period from January to May in Cuba last dry season, at which time the probability of forest fires is high. But this year, as the head of the fire service, only 2865 hectares of the island territory was affected by the fire element. This in turn was less than one-third of the average annual value of 10 thousand hectares.
As a result of observations is called the two main factors that contributed to the decrease in the number of forest fires in the country: better coordination among government agencies responsible for fire prevention, and the early arrival of the rainy season, which for the first time in more than 10 years, began in April, not in May.
From January 2012, the National Center for monitoring forest fires Cuba uses satellite technology to monitor the temperature rise in rural areas across the island. The Center also maintains a base of forest fires and actively implementing other measures to combat the fire.
According to the Center before, carelessness continues to be the main cause of forest fires (up 90%), mainly due to negligent acts hunters, poachers, smokers and drivers of agricultural equipment that does not have a system of protection against sparks.

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