New Year in Australia opened the hottest temperature in the century

New Year in Australia opened the hottest temperature in the century Weather and Climate

South Australia succumbs to the hottest start of the year for more than a century. Stream of warm air, withering vegetation, moving in the direction of Virginia, greatly reducing the humidity in the central part of Australia. The weather conditions are so dangerous that forced the authorities to take the decision to temporarily turn off electricity supply to some parts of the state. However, such measures have not been renewed as a day spa towns were not able to provide comfortable living conditions with the help of ventilation systems. However, the company responsible for the electricity supply across the country, has the right to decide on a power outage, when the heat and wind create the danger of forest or bush fires. Representatives of the company claim that the public is fully aware of the inconvenience caused, but the consequences are too serious, the company takes on the responsibility. Therefore, efforts to minimize and prevent the possibility of death and damage to property is justified.

Babkan meteorologist Martin argues that the main cause of extreme weather conditions is one of the driest air masses capable of a few hours to dry the surrounding greenery. In some parts of South Australia, the temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity of 21% and wind speed of 50 kilometers per hour. Such conditions can be attributed to the extremely dangerous, capable of causing massive fires.

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