North America continues to break temperature records

North America continues to break temperature records Weather and Climate

During the last week in the U.S. from Montana to Louisiana was beaten 1015 temperature records. Only for June 26, maximum values that have become records were noted in 251 points. This heat creates various precedents from the notorious fire in the Rocky Mountains to the ability to fry bacon on the sidewalk in Kovete, Oklahoma. It is noteworthy that the hot season this year came earlier than usual.

In almost all of Alabama's temperature remained at +39 .. +40 ° C. Local authorities organized a group spetssotrudnikov, who are responsible for checking the state of health of inhabitants aged. Recreation centers are equipped with modern air-conditioned, allowed free access to the residents of Birmingham to reduce the heat.
Promulgated an official warning not to be on the street at noon and observe other precautions. The situation with the heat really is close to critical, as even domestic animals, such as horses, get heat stroke, and their owners have to apply to the veterinary clinic. At the same time, the south-west of the state comes after a tropical storm Debbie.

Thermometer in the prairies of Kansas in the afternoon held at around +43 .. +45 ° C. Farmers state that the upper layer of soil is dried at 15 cm depth. This can have a negative impact on the yield of grain. Montana also wearied by his +43 ° C for the eastern part of the state is an absolute record.
If the heat be another week, next on the list will be in the record states east coast, move to the front of high pressure. North-western part of the country, on the contrary, lack of heat, there is now in March.
Americans are doing everything possible to get rid of heat:

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