On the east of North America Hurricane

On the east of North America Hurricane Natural Disasters

Hundreds spetsrabochih trying to fix power lines damaged by a powerful hurricane. At the moment, more than 3 million people are without electricity and can not use any refrigerators or air conditioning, while the air temperature is +38 ° C, and the Baltimore and Washington, DC to +40.

The streets of cities and towns inundated with broken trees and the ruins of buildings, driveways blocked with a damaged machine, which only complicates the restoration of electricity supply to survivors of the invasion derecho — horizontally moving storm, capture more territory, and high speed.

Such storms are not like normal, meteorologists are politely warned of his intentions in two or three days. It is virtually impossible to anticipate and to prepare residents not to leave any chances. That's why West Virginia, Maryland and surroundings are without light. Reported the death of six residents of Virginia, an elderly woman was killed right in her bed when her house had fallen a tree, unable to withstand the pressure of wind. In Maryland, two people were killed, one in Ohio, Kentucky and Washington. The worst thing that because of a power outage, people could not ask for help on the phone or via the Internet.

Terrible inconvenience endured 232nd passengers trains Amtrak, whose path was blocked in both directions on the rails fallen trees. They were locked in a transport of about 20 hours, then were evacuated by special buses.

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