Pirates of the Emperor Nicholas the Bloody

The theory of the German "unlimited war" of the sea appeared in the Russian experience.

Pirates of the Emperor Nicholas the Bloody

Sevastopol in 1899. Ladies meet battleships Black Sea Fleet of the campaign. Just looked bay, when the "Smolensk" and "Petersburg" is headed to the cruise

In the middle 90's very popular used book writer Igor Bunich the mysteries in naval history — "Pirates of the Fuhrer" and "Dogs Kaiser." Thanks to them, our reader vyznat the adventures of the German cruisers, attempted a 2-global wars brought to its knees the British Empire. Then, using the raider operations in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean Germans managed to achieve outstanding success. Their raids on British trade routes arouse envy. For malehankih cruisers "Emden" and "Konigsberg" in 1914, British forces were hunting the best.

Not the least cause panic and converted from ordinary "merchants" auxiliary cruiser "Wolf" and "Karlsruhe" and even the last sailing "pirate" in world history — the schooner "Zeeadler" ("Sea Eagle"). Their odyssey in the West wrote books and movies filmed. "Emden" entered world history as the bombastic nickname "White Swan Indian Ocean", and cruising war was considered almost a German invention.

Pirates of the Emperor Nicholas the Bloody

Auxiliary cruiser "Smolensk". Famously plundered in the reddish sea, stopping the British

Meanwhile, in the new era of German raiders were specific predecessors — much less publicized, but just as insecure. By "Corsairs Kaiser" on the shelf and ask to "Pirates of the king." Specifically for the Russian sailors exactly 10 years before the rise of "white swans" first revived in the modern era of sea ways gentlemen of fortune. Two cruisers — "Smolensk" and "St. Petersburg" — clogged in 1904, a narrow neck of the Reddish Sea and its daring raids provoked a real panic in the middle of the British ship owners. No merchant ship "Mistress of the Seas" did not feel safe in the area. Prices for insurance climbed up as mercury in the index of temperature, when the highest temperature is ailing. The English press, as usual, raised a panic, and the official London claimed in Petersburg urgently remove the cruiser on the base.

All of this is directly related to today's Ukraine, because Russian raiders came into its own campaign of Sevastopol, and their crews in their own most were staffed by our countrymen. It is symbolic that, in an old pirate tradition, this voyage was sent to a different port rabble — zaLETChIK and hooligans from which the authorities wished to quickly get rid of, so they are not "spoil" the crews. But in practice and penal went to benefit the cause. In the sad history of Russian-Japanese war was entered one of the few glorious pages.

Pirates of the Emperor Nicholas the Bloody

Japanese fleet, starting with the flagship battleship "Mikasa", was built in the shipyards majestically Britain

But while Britain to the Russian-Japanese war? Neuzh then Britain then waged a war against Russia? In fact, waged war! Only it was, as would be uttered now, the "cold war." Specifically, when the British armed Japan, built on its own shipyards that fleet which called "Japanese", starting with the flagship of Admiral Togo "Mikasa". All armadillos Land of the Rising Sun was built by British shipyards! And throughout the Russian-Japanese War from London, Glasgow, Liverpool transports went to Japan with a gun and ammunition, which supports "European values" supplied the samurai, who had only recently habit to eat liver slain enemy.

In the future, the British will pay off for his "philanthropy." Very soon the people of the country of the rising sun do not learn to build ships worse — they have broken the British colonies in Southeast Asia in 1941, and shall overflow the royal navy. In this case, the liver British prisoners particularly zealous guardians of traditional Japanese values and will burst in the second World War, when they believe the "free" of the British press. But earlier it was still far away, and in 1904 the same press portrayed the colonial war with Russia in China on the other, as a battle malehankih Land of the Rising Sun "for free."

Pirates of the Emperor Nicholas the Bloody

Sailors of the battleship "Victory" in Port Arthur. Loads on the English courts were named to the death

In general, the world is filled with ordinary nonsense, swirling in the standards of freedom of speech. Britain, as usual, "crapped". Port Arthur has just undergone a tricky attacking Japanese destroyers. It was necessary to fight the war, and in the St. Petersburg Admiralty decided to make a daring operation — bring two warships under the guise of trade in the reddish sea and try to stop the flow of military supplies from England to Japan.

You can not say that it was a surprise improvisation. After the Crimean War, when the Russian Federation was not allowed to have warships in the Black Sea, it has done so named Volunteer fleet. His ships were built for the dual purpose. In peacetime — everyday, at first glance, the steamers. And in the military — the cruiser, through the installation of medium-caliber guns. In general, these ships were common only to the uninitiated. They had a much more massive machines and the highest rate of stroke, as special reinforcements below decks for the determination cannon machine.

Peaceful collier "Smolensk" was built specifically for this project. Its displacement was how the then battleships — more than 12,000 tons, and speed — as in all the famous cruiser "Aurora": 20 knots. He could just catch up with at least some merchant ship, the speed of which usually does not exceed 12 knots. And two 10-ka artillery made him armed not worse than the then light cruisers.

One of the officers cruiser was a 24-year-old warrant officer Boris Schubert, who left a memoir about a hike in the reddish sea. "Smolensk" left Sevastopol 22 June 1904 as a commercial ship, the flag of the Volunteer Navy. In its documents mean that he is going to Vladivostok with a cargo of coal for the Pacific fleet. "Officers who were on the cruiser was still more than rely on commercial vessels — Schubert wrote — were recorded by passengers, followed by the East, in the squadron, was among t
hem and I … installed on the cruiser wireless telegraph, two spotlights, flashlights email night marking and Ray for two full-time, have been removed and hidden, and, in order to dispel any suspicions about the sincerity appear capable of goals "Smolensk" as a commercial steamer, — the entrance to the Bosphorus team was ordered to take off the uniform and the ability to dress a hit or miss . "

Pirates of the Emperor Nicholas the Bloody

The commander of the cruiser "Smolensk" Captain 2nd Rank Troyan was pleased with his "gentlemen of fortune"

Cruiser, commanded by Captain 2nd Rank Troyan, was 17-speed hub, using only two-thirds of their own boilers, for all that his machine worked so smoothly that, on conviction midshipman-memoirist, "on the decks and in the accommodation is not felt any shaking or tremors. Martial guns and shells were removed and combined with machine tools are hidden under the coal, and the coal itself to ensure the cruising range took so much that the ship "sank into the water to lower their own windows."

A day after the release of Sevastopol "Smolensk" passed the Bosphorus, and the subsequent morning and the Dardanelles. The danger of being detained over, although his identity was open yet. It was all done in secret. After all, according to the then international treaties, no Russian military vessel had no right to leave the Dark Sea.

After a three day or disguised collier cruiser headed for Egypt and came to anchor at the entrance to the Suez Canal. "The channel has been passed without any delay — continues creator memoirs — we have taken on board the 2-pilots-Arabs, raised a military flag and pennant that, but soon let down, so as not to arouse the suspicions of oncoming ships. Then he got down arms: put guns, combat lights, lifted into place by telegraph and yards — worked without rest, so as soon as possible to be reincarnated in the cruiser and begin their operations. "

On the one hand, it was a violation of international rules. On the other, those who installed them — the British — themselves violated them. They did not have the right to help any of the warring parties. But, according to the hidden agents, more than 300 military cargo transports to the Land of the Rising Sun has proceeded this method the smallest sea.

Pipes and board the cruiser quickly repainted in a dark color, so it was not visible in the dark of night, when the lights go without hunting for the lighted steamers: "Cruiser completely reborn on the upper deck it is now adorned with eight 120-mm guns, eight — 75 — and four mm — 47 mm, and the bridge on the front — two guns. We could start now their operations. "

Almost all the ships move added, naively trying to get away from the high-speed "Smolensk", ignoring the demands of the brakes. From time to time smuggler had to convince with shots — first blank, and later fighting — over the masts. "The last resort is always stunningly acted, — convinced brave midshipman Schubert — and most blunt Brit, at the sound of flying above his head, grenades, instantly stopped, raised his flag and did not make any more attempts to disobedience."

Next door is another pirated Russian cruiser-COLLIER — "St. Petersburg". He caught a British steamer "Malacca", full of eyeballs on armor, rails and machine parts for the Japanese. The captain of "Malacca" was fresh, did not want to obey, called the Russian robbers and nailed a stern British flag to the flagpole nails, saying that if it will tear off, it would be an insult majestically Britain. Mad locked up, and his ship seized by giving him Russian team prize. During the arrest, "Malacca" especially distinguished naval ensign on the part Babijchuk, who knew perfectly well the British language. Specifically, he questioned the British sailors, and found that in the holds of the ship is stopped illegal cargo.

Warrant officers of the Marine officers were called, who called for a merchant navy during the war. From time to time in the mess over them pohihikivali for the lack of secular manner — as opposed to regular officers, they were finishing the Marine Corps in St. Petersburg and often do not know the intricacies of etiquette. But in the midst of these "officers at the time" across the real wolves of the sea that can tame anybody. Specifically, these masters of all trades were on the cruiser "St. Petersburg" Little Russians Babijchuk-commissioned officers and Kissel sent in boats under the command of the Russian midshipman von Schwarz (in the Imperial Fleet had a lot of Baltic Germans) to inspect the "Malacca".

Their talents are especially noted in the report commanding officer Captain 2nd Rank Skal'sky. Here is an excerpt from the report Skalski majestic Prince Alexander Mikhailovich characterizing the international composition of the Russian Fleet: "To help the midshipman von Schwarz I have been appointed ensign Babijchuk and Kissel and mechanics Shtadtlender and Dongvort." A true international brotherhood pirate in the service of Tsar Nicholas the Bloody! The only thing that prevented the Russian pirates, this terrible heat. Dark body cruisers ran high as the irons. Firemen were ready to drop. In the cabins and crew spaces was impossible to sleep because of the highest temperature. And the officers and sailors slept on the decks under the picturesque southern stars.

The morale of the team members outline the campaign in different ways. Midshipman Schubert recalled: "We were given all the scum of the Black Sea Division crews — people almost exclusively designed for the occasion of the war from the reserve … 90% of the rabble were sinful men, and be fined, have served at one time the most serious punishment. Our team is not adept to work or even be entertained. Eternally furrowed, with an expression of anger lurking on disgruntled faces, they worked like flies, and endlessly fought together for every little thing. "

But what struck the young midshipman, a completely different interpretation of the commander of the "Smolensk" Captain 2nd Rank Peter Troyan. In the report, he reported: "The health status was entirely satisfactory, but a lot of officers and crew complained of general weakness and lethargy especially in the legs, and the firemen have it often came to cramps in the calf muscles. The doctor explained it very highest air temperature. (From time to time it reaches 36 ° C. — Ed.) The moral condition of the crew does not leave much to be desired personal best, despite the fact that in these days of languid weather criteria often had to overload the coal and at the same time require the continued intense concentration, in NIGHT MODE especially in narrow places Reddish Sea, where it was just waiting for a surprise attack (guns were loaded and the men slept beside them). "

But, like it was, occupied ships came one by one. Soon Russian people is no more prizes for teams. To sink ships along with their crews and cargoes have not yet become a custom. Midshipman "Smolensk" Schubert complained in his memoirs: "Sending in Russia only third prize is forced to think much, and it was evident that, providing another 2-3 steamer his men themselves cruisers, due to lack of team would lose in the end all, the opportunity to continue their actions. " Exciting Schubert constantly expostulate that their company "poorly equipped", although it could have tremendous value "in the sense of restraint in Japan bringing up all those things without which she could not f
ight a war."

At the next council after the capture of the English steamer "Ardova" from Glasgow only Schubert called for his immediate drowning. Other officers still could not venture on such recent measures. In this case, it was only about winding up the ship! Crews then for earlier Climb aboard the raider, and okkupirovannnoe ship undermined by laying explosives. On the same "Ardovs," according to Schubert, found a load of "dynamite, rail and dynamos, and on the boxes in which these items were packed, adorned with the inscription -« Kobe »,« Iokohama »and so on. The evidence was there, and the administration of the ship, along with the team, it was announced that the ship would be arrested, and he himself must therefore prepare to move into the cruiser. " Naturally, steamer, full of dynamite, would take off into the air in no time!

By the way, the team "Ardovs", though, and consisted entirely of Europeans going to board the "Smolensk", the census as a lord, and one of the men — a healthy Irishman, as he recalled Midshipman Schubert, "went over the side, and not paying attention to scurry around He sharks swam to "Ardovs" that stood near the "Smolensk". He pushed with indignation and insult thrown him displacer, and barely managed to pull out quickly came to the rescue to our whale-boat. " Irishman survived — apparently so carried away fumes that even sharks spoiled appetite.

Meanwhile, with each new feat "Smolensk" and "Petersburg", Porto do RF and Britain. London openly threatened war if Russian pirates do leave from Reddish Sea. It was time to do the leg. Petersburg official said that no Russian cruisers off the coast of Africa, not — all this is a misunderstanding — and ordered the "Smolensk" and "St. Petersburg" vorachivatsya home. Ships, to the displeasure of midshipman Schubert, who would like to sink all headed to the Baltic.

The main conclusion of this odyssey, the Germans did. Romping Russian idea they gave the German adaptability by making a 2-global wars bet on cruising the war against the British merchant fleet. Instead the Raiders with names of Russian cities "Smolensk" and "St. Petersburg" on the trail of naval war came "city", German — "Emden" and "Konigsberg".

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