Pistol Drill

Global design practice shooting guns indicates that for the invention of a system that will be used as a "civilian clothes" tool, ie specialized staff nearmeyskih units, from time to time to modify already quite experienced standards. From time to time on the shelves gathering dust drawings of design offices and practical developments made earlier gun, which according to various accidents from falling into the "series." Especially since if the weapon-invention Margolin.

A few words of M. Margolin
The scion of a worker, M. Margolin early 20-ies of XX century falls into the army and sent to fight gang violence. Commanding a platoon, in 1924, he received a severe wound in the end is forever deprived of vision. After a while M. Margolin, being blind man begins to teach the youth of pre-conscription age tricks small business. In all this he is engaged in research in parallel (to the touch!) Different types of pistols and revolvers. The main assistant in this study was the heroic perseverance of the person. Helped and innate sense of perception of space and distance, is also a great memory and a natural resource.

Pistol "Drill"

Margolin pistol reference years 1948-1952.
In 1948, his brainchild — the gun under 5.6-mm "long" cartridge goes in the "series". The features of this gun were free gate type, and also plays the role of the housing, the trigger open with cocked and safety system with a fully mechanical sight and front sight, subject to adjustment. Escapement consisted of a comfortable trigger, pull the trigger and sear. The bolt return spring was under the part of the receiver, and its stock was delayed special linchpin.
The gun was well-balanced and has an ergonomic handle, the slope of which is 111 degrees. All this data is markedly improved the quality of the shot, and, accordingly, increased accuracy when firing. In 1952, the product has been modified by a "short" 5.6-mm cartridge (MC-1).
Margolin pistol is universally recognized in the shooting world as one of the shining self-loading samples of products used for sports shooting.

Malogabaritny 5.45 mm nozzle "Drill"
This standard is based on a small instrument-based sports pistol Margolina obraztsa. 1948 and made for police units and troops of the USSR and Russia, which "ordered" a small-sized instrument. Pistol "Drill" is made under 5,45 mm. For a shot is used cartridge 5,45 x18 mm MOC, which is designed for the pistol PSM. It is noticeable increment efficiency of its use in comparison with analog standards.

Pistol "Drill"

Design features "Drills"
From his own gun layout is different munitions used a small trunk, a simple sighting mechanism. Also, there are no special devices, such as a "parent" model, and more than comfortable, but at the same and more than the usual form of the tides on the handle.

Action devices "Drills"
Avtomatika works on the principle of free recoil bolt type, performing the role of an additional housing. The firing mechanism — a hammer type, with the trigger open view. Escapement consists of a hook for a shot, which is connected to the trigger pull hinge, which, in turn, rotates the sear, located under the spring. The projection is used to pull it with razedineniya sheptalom when the shutter moves to the back position. Predohranitelem stands specially made paz nA trigger. After contact combat platoon in the slot is blocked and the sear and trigger.

Dignity "Drills"
Gun small-size and comfortable to use, and the appeal of advantages over PM
Not a bad balance and ergonomic handle — dignity in the PSM

Shortcomings "Drills"
No samovzvod and special predohraniteli.
TTX gun "Drill"
Caliber — 5.45 mm
Ammunition — 5.45 x 18 mm
Weight Pistol 0.61 kg
Weight is not equipped state — 0.56 kg
Length 190 mm
The length of the 97 mm cannon
The number of rounds in the cage — 10 rounds
Range of fire (aiming) — 50 m

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