Polish programs air defense / missile «Vistula»

Polish programs air defense / missile
While NATO increases measures to protect Europe from missile threats, many countries both within government programs and in allied format seek to strengthen its own capacity air and missile defense, writes Defense News November 26.

Poland plans to modernize the system of air and missile defense in 2022 by purchasing anti-aircraft missiles short and medium range. The program, which received the title of Wisla («Vistula»), is estimated at 16.4 billion zloty (8.4 billion U.S. dollars), which is a state naikrupneyshim applets weapons.

November 4-6 visit to Poland U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (John Kerry) was associated with applets Poland’s military modernization and arms procurement, said Polish Defence Minister Tomasz Simonyak (Tomasz Siemoniak). Interceptor missiles SM-3 Block IIA will be located on the basis of the Polish Air Force in Redzikovo.

Kerry and Simonyak visited 32 th Tactical Air Force base in Lusk (central Poland). During his own visit, Kerry said the United States does not want to renounce to their own plans for missile defense in Europe, Poland in 2018 to be put into operation. For its part, Poland has reaffirmed its commitment to the deployment of U.S. missile defense base in the country.

14 foreign and Polish companies have expressed intrigued to participate in the Polish defense programmke / ABM «Vistula», among them South American Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and Boeing; French Thales, Italian Selex, Turkish Aselsan, Spanish Indra and Sener, Israeli SIBAT, also Polish defense consortium Polish Defense Holding.

MBDA company invited Poland to buy air defense system / medium-range missile MEADS (photo) or Aster-30. U.S. withdrew from applets MEADS, such makarom, Poland may become the third European partner implements this system together with Italy and Germany. Shred the Polish industry in the development of MEADS could reach 10 to 15%, the total price of 4 billion dollars (proposed role in the development of complex software).

Romania is the next state to host a major component of the NATO missile defense. In late October, was completed Aegis Ashore missile defense facility in Deveselu (south of the country). Base will start to work in 2015, the price of the project is $ 134 million
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