Russia began to build China’s second turn Tianwan

Russia and China have begun the second phase of the Tianwan NPP (TNPP) in the Chinese province of Jiangsu. The third and fourth blocks of nuclear power plants to be built by the Russian design and equip the Russian reactors VVER1000.

On December 26 construction site the first concrete was poured. Beginning of the second stage TNPS became possible after the removal of the ban in force for over a year on the construction of nuclear facilities imposed by the Chinese authorities after the accident at the Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1".

Russia proposed to TNPS technology to meet international safety standards and requirements of the Chinese side. In the third and fourth blocks TNPS will place power reactors 1060 MW each, are the same as in the first stage of TNPP.

Russia built the first stage of Tianwan NPP (the first and second power units), which contributed to China on a state loan of $ 2.5 billion, of which $ 1.4 billion is claimed

Tianwan nuclear power plant (two units of 1 GW each) was built near the city of Lianyungang in east China's Jiangsu Province. Nuclear power plant was put into operation in 2007 According to media reports, the cost of construction of the first stage was about $ 3 billion

Besides Tianwan NPP, Russia and China are discussing building nuclear power plants with fast reactors (BN-800). Today, the world's only commercial fast reactor (BN-600) works in the Kola nuclear power plant in Russia, on the same site built the first BN-800 (scheduled to start in 2014).

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