Russia began to dispose of munitions Destroyer

Employees on military training ground began to develop a new technique for disposing of old munitions, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". The technique is to use a new device, called the P-40 "The Destroyer", which literally burns the explosive material inside the bomb. The device has been field testing in 2011, and in early February, the military began to use it in normal mode.

"Breaker" is a small metal tube, inside which is placed a special incendiary mixture which initiation occurs by an electrical pulse. Upon ignition of the charge created by a powerful red-hot jet stream, which breaks through the wall of the munition and explosive burns within him. It is curious that the military receive the "Destroyers" by barter. The Ministry of Defence has agreed with Russia to develop a device pyrotechnic Ural plant of its free delivery. Under the agreement, the specialists of the plant is carried ammunition disposal at the landfill Alduyskom under military control, and then have at their disposal from the body shells, bombs and mines. Thus the company itself provides a constant supply of the metal. In early February 2012, it became known that the Ministry of Defence of Russia until 2015 to spend on new construction and renovation of old stockpiles of 90 billion rubles. Currently, the arsenal of the Russian Defense Ministry, there are six million tons of ammunition, half of which expired. Three million tons of old shells, bombs and mines will be disposed of by January 2014.

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