Russian Airborne Troops need to quickly get new drones — COMMANDER

Russian Airborne Troops need to quickly get new drones - COMMANDER
Airborne troops of the currently experiencing an acute shortage of UAVs as a short-range, and percussion class, said Tuesday RIA Announces Airborne Troops Commander Colonel General Vladimir Shamanov.
Earlier, a source in the Russian Defense Ministry told RIA Novosti, that the first razvedkompleksy with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), a short-range Russian-made «Orlan-10» arrive in the Armed Forces in 2013. Until the Russian army, Israeli drones are of the same class (radius acts to 100 km) Vird Eye-400 and Searcher MK2 and Russian «drones» short-range action (40 km) of «Pear».
«Now Airborne Special Forces Regiment has several complex close act» Pear «. It is not insignificant lot, well, this inefficient unit we can not be happy, «- said the Shaman RIA Novosti, commenting on the timing of the Russian army UAV» Orlan-10. » With all this, he said, «winged infantry» at the moment, as well as the Russian Armed Forces as a whole, needs not only in intelligence, and in shock complexes UAVs.
«Provide Airborne drones such need as quickly as possible. As demonstrated by the same operation to force Georgia to peace requires more effective drones class «battlefield» that can not only look beyond the short-range hump, and to «see» 10 km matches ahead, just removing the coordinates of targets to hit them not only our, and gives the means — the same systems of salvo fire operating at distances of 70-100 km, «- said the general. He stressed that similar facilities have long been leading armies of the world.
«Remembering that we have raised this dilemma before the» five-day war «, followed by four years have already passed, and WHO and is now there, hunt say — Enough talk! Ensure already in the end, the most belligerent forces that they need to fight! » — Said the commander of the Navy.
In the spring of this year, the first Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Sukhorukov reported that the decision to adopt the Russian army of small UAVs Russian production will be made in June and July this year. With all this, according to him, the first Russian UAV impactor is adopted for the Russian army at the end of 2014. In turn, the chief of the Russian General Staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov said that purchasing zabugornye drones not be removed from the Ministry of Defense of Russian developments.
Complex «White-10» (Developer — LLC «Special Technology Centre», St. Petersburg) consists of base stations and a few drones and transported in the car «UAZ» or «Lynx». UAV weight — about 10 kg. This «drone» resettled catapult launch, is able to transmit video signal from a distance of up to 120 km and stay in flight for more than 10 hours.
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