Submachine gun Hero PP-19-01

The fact that in the city firing a Kalashnikov assault rifle, albeit shortened, unacceptable undeniable. Yet, specifically AKS-74U can often behold in law enforcement officers. In addition, the bullet 5.45 x 39 saves your energy on a fairly large distances, and can get to a person who is far away from the place of the introduction of guns, ammunition that has a few flaws that are relevant to specific weapons for police guards. First, the missing stopping power, resulting in neutralizing the enemy from the 1st shot is problematic, in addition, the bullet passing through the body of the enemy, can hit people standing behind him. Another drawback is that the bullet rounds of 5.45 x 39 very very prone to ricochet, making risky use of guns in a confined area, though to eliminate this defect have been developed ammunition with a bullet ricochet with reduced capacity, but it did not solve all the problems. The only option, which delivered to all these problems is the gun-machine gun and a uniform can be monitored as automatic Kalashnikov is replaced by that instrument in the Interior Ministry. The main thing is not to overdo it and not deprived of the Interior Ministry in general this gun. Let's try to get acquainted with the main contender for a place AKS-74U with a submachine gun "Vityaz" or PP-19-01.

As is clear from the name of guns, "Knight" — is one of the variants of the better known, thanks to the extraordinary design of the store, with a submachine gun "Bizon" PP-19. In general, both the standard, with a view to lowering the maximum rates of production, based on a shortened version of the Kalashnikov AKS-74U. According to the manufacturers, the interchangeability of parts is 70%, though often something specifically the number was slip and automatic "Thunderstorm", also by disk imaging products, standardized to 70% with a Kalashnikov assault rifle. In general, at exactly 70% do not believe it, but the general assemblies in the weapon is really very many, this is of course even when considering the external tools. Immediately turns on the mind receiver, folding stock, controls the instrument are very well known by the Kalashnikov assault rifle, so the designers really did a great job on the interchangeability of parts guns. In addition, the weapon there is a trigger mechanism of the AKS-74U. Naturally, all quit without changes could not be due to the use of a pistol cartridge which has the lowest energy, if 5.45 x 39, but more on that a bit lower.

Appearance of the gun is really very reminiscent AKS-74U, the same control of the parts, all the familiar details of appearance, even the sights match those on the Kalashnikov assault rifle, natural adaptation for the new cartridge. But all this applies to the version of the 10. In this embodiment, there is an improved version — Implementation 20. This variant guns are inherent in certain distinctive features that make it more comfortable to use. First, it is derived on the left side of the bolt handle that in the case of sub-machine gun is more comfortable. In addition, the switch fire mode and the fuse just moved to the left side of the gun. Also on this version guns on the receiver cover mounting positioned the bar of the "Picatinny" to install additional sighting devices, of course, that during the installation, the use of standard rear sight and front sight are excluded. In general, such performance tools costing not much more to produce than a submachine gun "Vityaz" in the performance of 10. But it is also necessary to realize that not all of the above rule. So, there are standards that may have another bar mount on the shank, the standards that have extra seats but with all this pen gate is placed on the right side, as well as fuse switch, etc..

The submachine gun is powered ammunition 9×19, can use virtually the entire range of ammunition zabugornogo as well as in Russia. Power is from detachable box magazine capacity of 30 rounds. Curiously, complete with a tool is at once the two stores, which may be bonded among themselves with a special attachment. This allows for different types of ammunition, although the cartridge 9×19 opportunity, for sure, though superfluous. Another thing, if it was a 9×21 cartridges, although such a possibility with them is debatable, though switching from the 1st store to another is not instantaneous. Weight unloaded gun is about 3 pounds, which, in my opinion, for the sub-machine gun a lot, especially under conditions of constant carrying guns. Length submachine gun "Vityaz", regardless of its implementation, with butt folded is 460 mm, with unfolded — 698 mm, which is also much faster here only affected the roots of AA. The length of the gun barrel equals 230 millimeters. The effective range of fire can reach 200 meters, but greater efficiency is achieved by using up to 100 meters. Rate of fire with a submachine gun "Vityaz" is equated 750 shots per minute.

As already noted above, the trigger mechanism submachine gun borrowed from AKS-74U, but the automation system to move on tool with a feeble patron unrealistic. The submachine gun "Vityaz" is automatic, built under the scheme with a free gate, with all this shot occurs when the shutter is closed. Rate of firing relatively rovnenky if the delay happens, it just is not the fault of the ammunition of the highest property. If we talk about the quality of the submachine gun "Vityaz", in comparison with the other standards of the Russian production made it more perfectly, but not quite. In general, under such scheme of automation, which it used to do naughty tool is very difficult, although Russian is able to create almost everything, but not now. So Makar, the instrument came out normal and reliable, the only thing that it brings, it's ammo, and in them, unlike the tool, the defects are not only difficult to clean, but even anticipate.

Gun-gun "Vityaz" is relatively long since done serially and has applied to adopt the Interior Ministry. Apparently, this particular tool and will be a major, although apart from this sub-machine gun, there are many other worthy candidates fully on this place. In general, while it is still early to think, despite the fact that the tool is used, because there is no guarantee that tomorrow what-nibudt not knock to the head bureaucrats and PP "Knight" will decide to change to another tool.

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