Summer snow in Georgia

Summer snow in Georgia Weather and Climate

In a remote region of Tusheti in the northeast Caucasus state on one of the crossing was completely blocked traffic due to unexpected snow. Somewhat later, the movement was allowed to off-road vehicles. A few hours was formed snow height of 10 cm

Meteorologists believe that this unexpected summer snowfall could occur due to a sharp drop in temperature to +2 .. +3 ° C in this part of the mountains, and in several regions of Georgia. Not typical for the summer time such low temperatures continue in the coming days. Possible additional rainfall and hail.

In the capital, the temperature also drops to +18 .. +25 ° C, although sometimes in June 2012 in Tbilisi, the temperature rose to +38 ° C. Certainly, no sudden changes are not good nor the inhabitants of the country, nor its ecosystems.

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