The Canary Islands increased volcanic activity

The Canary Islands increased volcanic activity Danger Zone

Within a few days on the island of El Hierro, one after one earthquake occurs. There have been about 750, their power increased with the rise, which gave the islanders feel the last straw. The most impressive earthquake, referring to June 27, was effective at 4 on the Richter scale. In connection with what is happening on the island declared a "yellow" code of danger.

Now the 10,000 inhabitants of the small island continue to live in fear of impending volcanic eruption, since the surface of El Hierro began to rise due to the formation of a new outbreak of the eruption is in the island. For four days the surface in the place of the new valve and potential release of magma rose 5 cm Previously all eruptions took place at sea.
Volcanic activity in 2011 was at a high level, but outside of the island. There followed a period of calm, which is why scientists are quick to assure everyone in the end of the episode. But the volcano wakes up again. At the moment, scientists are trying to calculate exactly when an eruption will occur to assess the scope for possible disasters and prepare islanders and tourist arrivals.

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