Tornado on record height in Colorado

Tornado on record height in Colorado Natural Disasters

Tornadoes that occurred over the weekend in the U.S. state of Colorado in the north-east of the summit, the Evans 96 miles west of Denver, was named the second highest tornado ever to fix in the U.S.. The maximum height at which the crater was seen in four locations, was 3.62 km.

Tornado-record holder is amazing by the fact that he was able to form in a mountainous area, where usually funnels are not high. Only in Colorado for a year happens about 50 tornadoes and almost all are found on the plains, in contrast to the present, appeared at a decent height because of the exceptionally hot weather.

Tornado late July 2012 lost in a funnel-altitude recorded in July 2004, Rockwell Gorge National Park in California redwoods. Then an unusual phenomenon was observed at a height of 3.65 — 3.8 km. Along with tornadoes in the central United States finally came storm, its volume of water could cause minor flooding in Utah, southern Nevada and California, and in the west of Arizona.
However, in the U.S. the Greatest hot weather, which brought drought to continue, and the temperature will again be in the region of 40 ° C. Abundant but short rain will not save drying field, but only exacerbate soil quality, which has lost the ability to manage moisture.

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