Russia won the right to supply poultry to the EU

The European Commission has assessed the Russian state system of quality control and production safety of poultry products to companies planning to export products to the EU, said Tuesday Rosselhoznadzor.

"The test results showed that the competent veterinary authorities of Russia perform the services they provide guarantees in respect of the execution of the rules of European Union exports to its territory of poultry and poultry products," — said in a statement that results in the "Interfax".

Rosselhoznadzor over the past few years, is working hard to create a system of quality control and production safety

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Air Rifle — a toy or a tool?

The vast number of people reared in the USSR used to take air rifle only as of mandatory attribute galleries located in the parks of culture and rest. How severe tool no one took her, except as a means to show their marksmanship to his comrades and good friends. Meanwhile, the first air rifles were made not as a toy, as a completely normal tool.

Pneumatic tool vserasprostraneno extensively throughout the world and affects a variety of natural forms and calibers. The famous Leonardo da Vinci in his writings developed the principles of this instrument, taking as a

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Russia has shown that it is able to

      Exhibition IDEX-2013 in Abu Dhabi  

International exhibition of arms and military equipment IDEX-2013 has revealed interesting trends, and probably will give food for thought to those who engaged in the analysis and strategy of international trade items for military use.

  Oddly enough, our country is on the quality of the proposed export of products not yet an outsider. We so often and with such regret talking about wasted time and missed opportunities that they themselves are beginning to believe that Russia has lost all the positions on the global arms market.

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The history of the creation of the PM pistol started for a long time before its official "birth". It was necessary to find a fundamentally new solution for the development of a new standard pistol which would become obsolete replaced TT. In the competition for the project of a new instrument took the role of many outstanding designers of automatic weapons so far: II Cancers, C, A. Korovin, PV Voevodin, FV Tokarev and others. Makarov at the time was still a student. After a long, full of drama was voted best test gun Vojvodina. But the war interrupted to

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Russia showed a weapon that has no analogues in the world

Last week in Moscow, the VI International Helicopter Exhibition HeliRussia-2013. In just a few years, she has had time to become the largest specialized event in Europe, ahead of the number of participants and exhibitors similar sites in the UK and the Czech Republic.


This year HeliRussia finally gained a clear and logical concept that puts it on a par with the world's leading helicopter salons. The exhibition featured more than 200 domestic and foreign companies from 18 countries.

In the open area in front of the "Crocus Expo" visitors met

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What, how and why to eat yoga?




To improve his failing health after the excesses of Christmas, it's time to move on with some clever power system, such as yoga. Do not be afraid — to torment himself to death or go to the exotic food does not have to.

About food yogis do

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Tropical storm "Isaac" covered the northern part of the Gulf Coast

Tropical storm "Isaac" covered the northern part of the Gulf Coast Weather and Climate

Millions of people in four U.S. states along the border with the Gulf of Mexico, were covered tropical storm that took the lives of several people on their way to the Caribbean.

Florida has been declared in advance anxiety due to the pending storm approaching August 27, 2012, which, according to preliminary estimates, is able to increase to hurricane winds with gusts to 170 kilometers per hour. The expected path of the storm is in the direction of the coast of Alabama, Mississippi and

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Treasure from the sea bottom

During the recent events in Japan, many residents of Primorye, Far East and the world plunged into panic and began to massively buying up iodine and iodine-containing drugs, hoping to protect themselves from the effects of radioactive isotopes it. However, experts believe that these measures are not only unnecessary, but often unhealthy.

The fact that the abuse of iodine can cause a variety of effects, ranging from such seemingly innocuous manifestations of allergy to this substance as coughing and sneezing, and ending with a very serious and dangerous health consequences.

It is therefore not recommended to

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So is there really a snowman?




Could Bigfoot be a brother of Santa Claus?

To the Editor of "News of Science" sent a report on the work of the expedition, which in the Kirov region engaged in the search of Bigfoot. Found convincing from the point of view of enthusiasts living proof of

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Russia showed the golden textile for body armor

The Russian company "Kamenskvolokno" (Rostov region), engaged in the production of chemical fibers for various purposes, shown at the exhibition Milipol-2011 in Paris, a new aramid fiber AuTx, or "golden textiles."


The new fiber can be used for the production of body armor and other personal protective equipment, which will be much easier to bullet-proof vests and helmets, made from other fibers.

AuTx fiber was developed by a Russian company in conjunction with the British Alchemie Technologies. The basis of the material, according to "Kamenskvolokno" is "heterocyclic copolymer aramid fiber family." The "dynamic strength

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