To places of military glory

Journey in places of military glory. Dubosekovo patrol, Volgograd (Stalingrad), Prokhorovka, the Brest Fortress, Kulikovo field of Borodino. If you are at once in his life had been in one of these places, the memories will stay with you forever. But sin to keep such patriotic memories with for yourself. You can share them on the web It was created specifically in order to at least some user, accumulated a sufficient amount of disk imaging, could share it with those who need detailed information about visiting different places one can touch history.

Now with the web site YouRoute

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Russia will deliver to the United States 29 rocket engines

Khimki engine building company NPO "Energomash" from 2014 to 2017 is going to export to the United States 29 rocket engine RD-180, said executive director Vladimir sun.

"Now we are working on the issue for the supply of the next 29 engines from 2014 to 2017, respectively, to load the plant will be four or five engines per year", — told The Sun, "Interfax".

He reminded that the option has been signed for the supply of 101 RD-180 engine for the American missiles "Atlas" 2020.

"38 engines have already successfully brought" Atlas 5 "in the

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Russia has supplied Syria’s anti-complexes Bastion

Russia has put anti-Syrian coastal complexes "Bastion" with supersonic cruise missile "Yakhont", reports "Interfax" referring to an informed military-diplomatic source in Moscow.


The exact timing of deliveries and their volume he did not name, but noted that it was premature to talk about the full performance of the contract: "It takes more time to complete the training of Syrian personnel operating these systems."

According to the agency, the Syrians are going to receive at least two 'Bastion', in each of which the ammunition is 36 "Yakhontov." Experts believe that it will completely cover the

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Based on materials from Asia Times about the corvette

Now on to the newspaper Asia Times can see the current state of the acoustic signature of submarines by the example of the sinking of the South Korean corvette.

Allocated newspaper believes that the DPRK submarine could sink a South Korean corvette and did the South Koreans themselves by mistake. Now about their arguments that show the real state of confrontation submarine and surface ship.

1 — Submarines North Korea is not so visible, so NIGHT MODE seep into the well protected highly trained anti-submarine forces of water in South Korea and remain undetected. According to the views of the

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The steep path

Mortars and howitzers where the young guns — the first time a gun, shot feathered mine at a very steep line of motion, was created Russian gunners in the defense of Port Arthur. During the second world mortar has already become the main "infantry artillery." In the course of these wars fought in populated Fri, mountainous and wooded areas, tropical undergrowth, he became an indispensable for all belligerents. Demand for mortars was growing up, especially the partisans of various kinds, which did not prevent the command of a number of armies at times push their mortar weapons into the background,

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Russia has supplied Syria party ZRPK Shell-C1

The party of anti-aircraft missile and gun systems (ZRPK) "Armour-C1" at the beginning of this year has been delivered to Syria, said on Wednesday the military-diplomatic source Interfax.

(Photo clickable)

"Supply of Syrian short-range air defense systems" Armour-C1 "carried out in accordance with the previously signed contract. It is completely legal supplies, "- said the source.

According to him, the complexes "Armour-C1" were transported by sea to the Syrian port of Tartus, where is the point of logistics Navy.

Get confirmation of this information from

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Brazil in the Amazon jungle found the remains of an unknown species of dinosaur




Brazilian scientists announced the discovery of the north in the Amazon jungle fossilized remains of a dinosaur. In a statement, the State University of Rio de Janeiro reported that the found remains of the age of 110 million years old, belong to a new, previously unknown species of dinosaurs. It was decided to call

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Russia has supplied Syria’s air defense systems Pechora

Moscow has put Damascus anti-aircraft missiles SA-26 (S-125 "Pechora-2M") and sent to Syria experts who will help lead them to the combat readiness, said Thursday U.S. officials 

Sources said that besides the defense has put Russia on the Syrian base in Tartus two refurbished Mi-24 helicopters, which will now use the soldiers of the Bashar al-Assad, writes New York Times.

In the United States believes that in connection with the supply of rockets Israel could strike another blow against Syria.

Recall previous Israeli attack on Syria was held on July 5. Then

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Ovarian cyst

Ovaries — the most important organs of the female reproductive system. They develop those same eggs, which in the process of conception will be combined with sperm. Of all the diseases ovarian cyst occurs most often.

What is it?

Any cyst — this cavity with thin walls, something type pouch filled semiliquid content. An ovarian cyst is arranged on the same principle. Depending on what was the cause of its formation, the cysts are divided into several types.

Follicular cyst.It is formed when ripe egg can not leave the follicle located in the ovary and into the

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Armageddon will not. While




In the media from time to time there are reports of asteroids that would supposedly threaten our planet. About a terrible threat to the life writing books and shooting films. In fact, while the world is not in danger. Anyway, so say members of Nikolaev Astronomical Observatory, the correspondent ProUA. Total dangerously close to

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