Russians cheered the housing problem

As the data Rosreestra, First quarter 2012 Russians have become more active in the market of buying and selling property. During this period, the whole country were almost 836 thousand transactions, which is 21% higher than a year earlier. Interestingly, in the capital for the first three months of the year an increase of only 8%. Muscovites are used to recover from the crisis, and now the demand is shifting to the regions, experts explain. In addition, outside of Moscow increased demand by the development of social programs.

The largest increase in the first quarter 2012 showed Leningrad

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Under attack Iran

The protest wave has swept the Arab world — defeated revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, at the present time are the unrest in Yemen, Bahrain, Lebanon, Algeria — reaching as far as the Islamic Republic of Iran.

February 14 were mass riots in several cities in Iran, clashed with police and supporters of the president. Fascinating fact that the first Persian favorites — praised the Egyptians themselves as spiritual favorite, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, was glad for the success of the Egyptian people that they have thrown off the yoke of American Doll Mubarak and wished speedy victory of Islamists in Cairo.

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From Moscow to Sakhalin: amazing beauty of Russian landscapes. Russia — a huge unexplored country. Sometimes the attraction of exotic resorts, or the famous monuments of European architecture is much better known to us. But our country is rich equally impressive views. In the vastness of our great country has its own Africa, and Japan has its own, and its Canada. Proved the best photographers of Russia. presents snapshots of the most amazing and beautiful parts of Russia, which will not leave you indifferent. They encourage and inspire the perfect look around and learn to look

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Under attack, The Two Towers: the U.S. and Israel

U.S. long been a staple zateyschikom wars, revolutions, various conflicts in Latin America, Africa, Eurasia. And Israel, a lot of "blood drunk" at their own Arab neighbors. But now it seems that they themselves have a sip completely "charms" of the revolution, war on its territory. For example, in Israel began "Tent Revolution", and the U.S. are facing the problem of economic default, threatening to call the latest wave of the global crisis, plus a large city naikrupneyshy powers — New-york ready to own your own "March of Dissent".


President of the American "empire of evil" Barack Obama

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Calendar method

Many women prefer to use the so-called natural family planning methods, which are based on observations of the physiological signs and symptoms of the fertile (when a woman is fertile), and infertility (when the woman is not able to conceive) phases of the menstrual cycle.

The purpose of this method — the definition of "dangerous" period, when the ability to fertilize the highest. The idea of a calendar (or rhythm) method is simple: avoid sexual intercourse during the period when there is a chance of getting pregnant. The rest of the time you can not think about contraceptive

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Forest fire or a tornado?

Forest fire or a tornado? Natural disasters

Local scouts from Alice Springs, Australia, witnessed the unusual natural phenomenon, it is extremely dangerous to human life and the natural environment as a whole. The phenomenon is a combination of fire and tornado, and an English-speaking half of the continent's population has already acquired a peculiar name «firenado».

Pillar of fire by the fire with the wind rose to a height of 30 meters above the ground. The fiery crater formed by the strong air flow in the path of a forest fire. A pillar of fire by the minute

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Russia: Answers to questions information war

The country spends 10 years of oil profits is not known at that! To Delhi people's money from oil?

— There are no excess profits. We do not Qatar and Saudi sheiks. The average selling price of our oil abroad for two thousandth year is about $ 45 per barrel. It's just normal, and not wild price. During 2008y year (most profitable), the country sold the oil abroad at $ 160 billion. Source:…t.asp?file=crude_oil.htm.

We are the most obese in the year of oil sold for about $ 1,150 for every citizen of Russia. FOR THE YEAR!

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Under Torzhok crashed Ka-52

As for the moment said "Dni.Ru" combat helicopter Ka-52 "Alligator" crashed near the town of Torzhok (Tver region). Navigator car died and the pilot injured. His condition is serious doctors.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Defense (Information RIA "News"), at 8:45 am EDT. time search-and-rescue team found a helicopter 10 kilometers west of the airfield in Torzhok. On the scene received the report: navigator died, and the pilot was given medical aid.

Communication with the Ka-52 missing at 21:05 — after the departure of cars from a military airfield in Torzhok. The command center of combat

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The Arctic ice cap has reached its minimum

The Arctic ice cap has reached its minimum Facts

As the satellite images, the size of the Arctic ice cap reached its year low and thus broke the record. As of September 16, 2012 glacier area was 3.41 km2. It is 776,000 km2 smaller than in 2007, when the sea ice also was at critically low levels. For comparison, the area of Texas in the United States is about 695 km2.

Despite the fact that the September record may well hold the status of not only summer but year low, scientists fear that the change in wind direction

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The system of planetary protection




Russia has developed a system of planetary protection "The Citadel", which is able to deal with threats from space. Its creators — experts Lavochkin, RIA "Novosti" at the Institute of Applied Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences / RAS / commenting on posts the other day

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