Division feat Neverovskiy under reddish

Peter Hess. Quest for reddish. General Neverovskiy feat.

2 (14) August 1812 there was a battle of reddish. Since it began Smolensk battle. After the unification of the 1st and 2nd Russian Army near Smolensk in the central direction it's kind of a lull. French long-term government made a stop in Vitebsk to rest the troops, to solve problems of supply of the army. In addition, part of the French generals advocated for an end coming, and transfer it to 1813. French units were scattered over significant distances from each other. Vitebsk was Napoleon Guard and the division of

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The Russians took from Microsoft Second Largest Web servers

 Photo source:cnews.ru

Legendary Russian web server, open source nginx, even in the summer occupied fourth place among the active sites on the Internet in January broke a second position, ahead of Microsoft.

According to research firm Netcraft, over the years the monitoring of Internet sites, in January 2012 web server nginx developments in the Russian segment of the active domains (sites with unique content, made not a pattern in contrast to the "site-caps") bypassed by popularity Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server). Now here is nginx second place with a share of 12.18%, and Microsoft — the third place

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The Russians have found happiness in his personal life

Social scientists decided to find out what emotions bring Russians to family relationships. As the data show opinion poll, over the past ten years, more and more people are finding happiness it is in his personal life.

For example, in 1999 the relationship with family and friends happiness experienced 12% of respondents sociologists. In 2012 these for as much as 38%. Accordingly, the number of those who experience from communicating with their families just satisfaction (62% vs. 50%). Unmet family life in general is almost gone — in 1999 there were 12% and is now only 3%.

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Feat grandfather Matthew Kuzmin

Hundreds of thousands of heroes brought an invaluable contribution to the liberation of Russia and the world from the fascist yoke. The names of some have remained unknown. But there were also those whose names were left for history. One of these heroes is Matvey Kuzmin. He was not among the rank and file soldier of his own age. But, all the same, and he raised his own contribution to the victory.

In February 1942, the German mountain infantry division was to break through the front and move to the rear of the Red Army in the area between Leningrad

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The Russians took all the podium Summer Biathlon World Cup

Maxim Miracles — world championship on home-2012

In Ufa, at the World Championships in summer biathlon sprint-2012 was held on 10 km for men.

Ufimets Maxim Miracles showed great fire by closing all 10 targets, and at a distance was fast enough. Moreover, its speed was the champion.

The second result showed another Russian Alexey Volkov, missing once at the first shooting.

"Bronze" won SHIPULIN Anton, also of Team Russia.

This is the sixth "gold" of the six sets of winning Russian team in this tournament.

Men. Sprint. 10 km, two shooting rounds. 1. Maxim Miracles — 23.46,8

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In Britain declared flood warnings

In Britain declared flood warnings Danger Zone

Britain is preparing to moving from the Atlantic the September showers that can cause flooding dozens of moderate severity in the country. Over the next two days on the island, especially in the south-east and north of England, Scotland, will fall to 80 mm of rain, accompanied by winds of 96 km / h

Flood warning is sounded in several counties, some places are expected flooding. Population is recommended to observe the precaution to protect your property, to be ready for a cold snap and the weather changes from summer to

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Leonti Native feat grenadier

Fight at Leipzig. Painting VI Mashkov

Serve in the Life Guards regiment the Finland were honored by representatives of the famous Russian names. Princes and counts in the middle of the regiment's officers were not uncommon. And they all went up the front stairs to the officers' regiment saluted a monument depicting a conventional fighter. That still did grenadier Leonti root to the officers at his own expense he established the monument and started to give him the honor?

Own a feat made him famous in the 2-armies, Russian and French, grenadier Leonti Native made October 4, 1813 in

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U.S. Air Force over the Pacific Ocean WILL TEST hypersonic aircraft demonstrator

U.S. Air Force will hold lately over the Pacific Ocean fundamental step tests hypersonic vehicle (SFA) X-51A, capable of a speed 5800 km / h About this said in a research lab the U.S. Air Force in Ohio. According to the flight plan, the unit hypersonic technology demonstrator X-51A, to overcome the distance between Los Angeles and New York for 46 min., Rise up into the air to fixed wing special equipment B-52 bombers. Typing the desired height, separated from the drone bombers and automatically launch the jet engines. Task — to develop hypersonic speed and keep it in

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Russians won gold and bronze at the start of the Grand Prix of Judo

Georgian athlete Amiran Papinashvili (bottom) in the fight against Brazilian Felipe Kitadai

© RIA Novosti. Vitaliy Belousov

MOSCOW, Sept. 28 — R-Sport.Judoka Russian team won two medals in the first day of the Grand Prix Judo in Alma-Ata.

Christina Rumyantsev serving in the weight category up to 48 kg, in the final battle was stronger than representatives of Kazakhstan Alexandra Podryadova. Bronze went to Ukrainian woman Marina Chernyak and Israelite Shire Rishon.

In the men's competition in the category up to 66 kg Russian Jakub Shamilov won a bronze medal as the

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What professions are the most fat?

Not so long ago it was thought that the extra weight —hallmark of cooks, cashiers, drivers and officials. Today, in the "thick" professions are dozens if not hundreds of items.


What professions contribute to weight gain and why? How to keep harmony on "harmful" work? This is what we talked toMariyat Mukhina, a medical acupuncturist, doctor of medical sciences, and the author more than 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of overweight Gold Eagle®.


— Mariyat which profession today are considered to be "fat"?

All professions that involve a sedentary lifestyle — "sedentary" work. If

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