Russian woman Goryachkina won World Chess Championship U-20

In Istanbul, Turkey, ended in world chess championship among athletes under 20 years of age. Russian woman Alexander Goryachkina became a world champion.

In the final round she defeated Colombian chess player Rueda Rodriguez. Since the final result of 10.5 points Goryachkina secured first place in the tournament. The second was the Zhansaya Abdumalik of Kazakhstan, behind the winner by one point. Russia's Alina Kashlinskaya scored 9 points and thanks to the best additional indicators came in third place, ahead of Mithras Hedzhazipur (Iran).

Goryachkina September 28 will mark 15 years of age.


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Russian woman for the first time won the gold of the European Championship’s skeleton

Russian Elena Nikitina won the gold medal of the European Championship's skeleton, which is from 18 to 20 January held in Igls, Austria, and at the same time is the eighth stage of the World Cup.

"Gold" Nikitina, which in the end won the 2012 Junior World Championships, is the first in the history of the Russian sled. Nikitin took first place at the World Cup.

After two races showed Nikitin time of 1 minute and 50.46 seconds. Silver went to another Russian Maria Orlova (1,51,06), the third was

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The underwater delivery

In our country, a draft of cargo submarinesOn the Arctic shelf is more than half the area of oil and gas provinces of. But the success of their development largely depends on the existence of a massive icebreaking fleet capable of delivering first equipment for exploration, and then transport the extracted minerals.

Meanwhile, resource dating back 20-30 years ago vessels that operate in the northern seas, already completed, and new ships for this purpose does not actually build. Therefore it is necessary to create other mc, for example, cargo submarines.

For the first time sea transportation on such

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Russia’s Anastasia Zagoruiko won the big crystal globe IBU Cup Biathlon

Zagoruiko was the winner in the individual and sprint races on the final stage of the IBU Cup in Slovakia Osrblie, securing a comfortable lead in the overall standings.

Russian has scored 562 points, over 100 points ahead of nearest presledovatelnitsu German woman Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle (454). Third place in the Norwegians Merkve Yori (389).

The top ten included three Russians: Valentina Nazarova was 4th (369), Catherine St. George — 6th (337), Larisa Kuznetsova — 7th (290), transfers RIA "Novosti".

Victory in Osrblie allowed Zagoruiko win the small crystal globe in the standings

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Submarine warfare intelligence

After the death of 118 sailors nuclear submarine "Kursk" his commanding officer Captain I rank Lyachin Gennady was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Russia. Many then wondered: why? Not for a second well on the victims in a human tragedy in the history of the Russian submarine fleet? Or for deeds during the top-secret trip to the Mediterranean in August — October 1999? Clear answers to these questions will be given only after 38 years. Specifically for half a century have coded the watch magazines on this unique Submarine. And other official documents are very eagerly talking about

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How to store our memories

One of the leading researchers in the field of memory — Elizabeth Loftus of the University of Washington found that any event that brings to mind is restored accurately. That which we call a memory in relation to any event, in fact, is its reconstruction. Loftus studies have shown that when you play memory uses a new and previously-existing information to fill in the gaps in our memories.

Memories are not as stable as we are accustomed to thinking: over time, they can change. This was confirmed by a series of experiments.

The experiment was the first

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British village was covered with sea foam

British village was covered with sea foam Natural Disasters

Once on the northern coast of British swept a storm, accompanied by strong winds, one of the Scottish fishing villages almost completely covered with sea foam. Many buildings and cars were under an impressive layer of foam wind water and coastal sand carried up high enough to wave.

After the invasion of the foam area was ruled by the heavy rains. The New Yorkshire fell 108 mm of precipitation, while the rate does not exceed 47 mm. The level of water gathered on the streets of a small fit

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The exploits of the Russian God of War — Sviatoslav

The stately Prince Svyatoslav — this is one of the brightest figures of rich Russian history, unfortunately, almost forgotten by our government and the official historiography. If the other person, who made a great contribution to the development of Russian civilization, such as Ivan the Terrible and Joseph Stalin, often watered mucky, then decided to keep silent about Svyatoslav, was subjected to oblivion. Apparently, not to stir things past days, a lot of painful issues can swim out of that watershed era — about the Khazar Khaganate, Judaism, rahdonitah, the Christianization of Rus', its consequences, Byzantium and Rome, destroyed civilization

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The truth about the anti-missile shield

In the Russian military-political literature, a study that can take its rightful place not only because of its own aimed at a specific subject relevance, and in depth analysis. We are talking about just published monograph Vladimir Kozin «» Evolution of the U.S. missile defense and Russia’s position «» / / Moscow: RISS. — 2013. — 384 pages (with illustrations). Creator prepared monograph broadly known for his publications on the issue of strengthening international security. Vladimir Kozin, a member of RANS, consultant director of the Russian Institute for Strategic research, a member of the Expert Council of the Interagency Working

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Russian Khapaev won gold in Universiade Wrestling

Russian athlete Alibek Khapaev

KAZAN, July 7 — R-Sport. RussianAlibek Khapaevwon the gold medal in Wrestling (freestyle) in the weight category up to 90 kilogramsUniversiade in Kazan.

Khapaev in the finals took over Sadie Batyrov of Turkmenistan.

Bronze medals at Kanimet Barpybekova (Kyrgyzstan) and Nozimjon Ibrohimzhonova (Uzbekistan).

Earlier Universiade gold in Wrestling Russians won Azamat Laipanov and Alibek Lepshokov.

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