Rostekhnadzor found a strategic partner in machine

"RT-Machine-" and an international team of MAG Europe signed an agreement on cooperation

Rostekhnadzor managed to find a strategic partner for its machine-building holding "RT-Stankoinstrument" — they will be an international group of MAG. This year, MAG and Rostekhnadzor will collect a total of 60 machines, but in the future they plan to increase production. According to analysts, in order to launch a full-fledged production of high-tech machines, you may need at least five years, because now technology and competence of their production in Russia "lost."

Yesterday Machine Tool Holding SC Rostekhnadzor "RT-Machine-" and the

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The situation in the U.S. elderly

Have you ever wondered what is the floor? I found out about it on Tuesday morning, when he opened a stinking wasteland, formerly known as Washington Post. There, among the editorials was one — under the heading "The financial problems of senior citizens are exaggerated"Signed by a certain Charles Lane.

Curious coincidence happened. When I read this headline, I heard the sound of clanging and near my house came from the street. I immediately knew what it was — one of the beggars * spent his daily rounds through my garbage cans.

Several years ago in my town about

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Preparation of Kutuzovs army to counter-attack. Difficulties in supply

For the transition of the Russian army in coming, after the abandonment of Moscow, it was necessary to make certain conditions. The army had to fill in a little time to teach new recruits, arm and equip them. A more fundamental problem was the creation of the mobile stores, supply bases, the establishment of mobile hospitals. To do this, the War Department and government agencies have done a great job. A special role was played by the organizing Misha Kutuzov.

16 (28) September Misha Illarionovich joined the 1st and 2nd armies into one, retaining the title of her

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Australian paradise under the threat of flooding

The locals are trying to protect the coast from erosion by paintings of felt, spread out on the sand. Old Bar, Australia.

July 26. Old Bar is one of the most rapidly destroyed parts of the coast of the Australian state of New South Wales. Each year, the once picturesque and popular residence with expensive real ocean gives about a meter further collapsing due to erosion by heavy rains and hurricanes.

In this corner of Australia for more than a tenant was forced to say farewell to his beautiful dream to live near the shore of the

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Rostekhnadzor Innovation Day at the fair

Rostekhnadzor took part in the exhibition Innovation Day of the Defense Ministry, where the administrative board of the Ministry of Defense were presented promising innovative development of Russian industry and the military-industrial complex.

  Among the exhibits — advanced weapons, gadgets for the soldier of the XXI century, nanomaterials, armored cars, engines

  August 20 in Moscow for the first time an exhibition of Innovation Day Defense Ministry. Participating in the event were 261 organizations, of which 60% — defense companies. Rostekhnadzor was presented by enterprises United Engine Corporation ("Fireworks" and

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K800 — a unique helicopter China make its first flight in 2014

At the International helicopter exhibition in Tianjin was presented promising layout coaxial helicopter with pulling screw. According to representatives of the Chinese aircraft companies AVIC, the helicopter will be made in the drone scheme.   Hopefully the helicopter received the title of K800 and are meant make your own first flight in 2014. This is with reference to the publication Shinese Military Review «Military informant.»   Most helicopter takeoff weight will be 800 kg. with all this flying speed will be significantly higher than at least some existing helicopter.   Already on the face of it, you can just guess

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Attention, experiment!




24.01.04 G. Research Center "UFO-SEARCH" in conjunction with the Institute of Biomedical Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences conducted an experiment remote telepathic influence on the sensor — the indicator. Brief description of the experiment: 24.01.04g. from 17.00 to 17.20 (Moscow time) on the site: on the page: will feature a photo of one

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In Nigeria, there was a great flood

August 30, 2013. Torrential rains have caused floods in some parts of Nigeria. As a result of checking the readiness of the country was subjected to emergency situations.

The floods affected 35,000 people in five states of Nigeria. About 600 people were left homeless. At least one person was killed. In the state of Katsina in the north of the country flooded 55 farms, the newspaper writes, "The Guardian".

A large number of casualties could be avoided by the early warning system, people quickly moved to a safe area. This system was created after serious flooding in 2012,

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100 facts about Germany

1) High feast. On the table, among others — nearly empty bottle of wine. You take it and ask everyone: "Well, who the last drop?" Here you have a bottle angrily grabs the hand of the guy who claims, "I do not blame you, sorry, but the bottle — mine, and I decide to whom and when will this last drop ".

2) Head: "You are as translated for payment of their private conversations with a working phone? Four stamps? And in the account is 4.02! I had to pay extra for you 2 pfennig, lend. I hope that this

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Rostekhnadzor and France’s Technip will jointly develop the technology of extraction of hydrocarbons on the shelf

Russia and France after talks Presidents Vladimir Putin and Francois Hollande signed a number of bilateral agreements and cooperation agreements. The signing ceremony was held in the Kremlin in the presence of the leaders of the two countries.

State Corporation "Russian Technologies" and the French Technip signed a memorandum of understanding providing for the establishment of two joint ventures.

One of them will allow Russia to localize the production of high-tech equipment for the oil and gas industry, including offshore oil production in the Arctic region and the Black Sea fields.


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