Russian national weightlifting at the end in Paris world championships showed the best result in recent history

On Sunday in Paris ended with the World Cup in weightlifting. A total of 15 complete sets of awards. Russian team won eight medals in Nordic combined — four gold, three silver and one bronze. The winning team of China (6-4-3), became third weightlifters of Kazakhstan (2-2-0).

On the top step of the podium in Paris rose Russians Khadzhimurat Akka (Weight category up to 105 kg) Hope Evstyuhina (75 kg) Oksana Slivenko (69 kg) and Svetlana Tsarukaeva (63 kg).

Svetlana Tsarukaeva became a champion, setting a world record in the snatch (117 kg).


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Russian national hockey team won the Karjala Cup

HELSINKI, Nov. 13 Russian national hockey team won the Karjala Cup — Finnish stage of Euro Tour by winning the third match of the Czech team.


The meeting, held in Helsinki on Sunday, ended in victory for the team Zinetula Bilyaletdinov 2-1. The Czechs opened the scoring in the 28th minute effort Peter Nedved. Russians restored parity through an accurate cast of Alexander Radulov in the 55th minute. The victory of the Russian team brought washer Yevgeny Kuznetsov, abandoned for 10 seconds before the end of regular time. The first period was not scored goals, but

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Russia: the next Silicon Valley? («Forbes», USA)

In the near future, Russia will no longer be known as a country whose growth depends on the production of natural gas. Future Russian — technological powerhouse that rivals the think tank and talents of Silicon Valley, the aide said the president Arkady Dvorkovich during the APEC summit in Honolulu this weekend.


Dvorkovich told the Russian press that the chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) said during his speech at the summit: Russia should become a center of skilled labor and intelligence personnel for the international IT-companies.

Schmidt was unavailable on Saturday evening to

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Ride with the wind

Railways begin construction of two thousand kilometers of railways with high-speed traffic. Price question — more than $ 75 billion investment over seven years. This will help to launch a new wave of investment in the country, and subsequently changed its general economic landscape


Last week, "Russian Railways" announced plans for two huge buildings. CEO of "Speed Lines" (specially created for this project subsidiary of Russian Railways) Denis Muratov announced the construction of high-speed lines between Moscow and St. Petersburg (HPC-1) and the Moscow-Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Ekaterinburg (BCM-2).

In fact, a similar project

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Records of Agriculture

Simply quote the transcript of the meeting … well … the same organization.

ChiefThank you. Victor A., we have due to the large crop (and thank God that we have such a harvest) any question to be decided: it is the price of agricultural products, transportation and harvest this year … for the intervention fund. I would ask you to say a few words about how it works in practice and about the transport of agricultural products by rail. Please.

DeputyThank you … in view of the fact that this year’s production did rise significantly: 97 million tons

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Radiofactory enters the Indian market

Omsk radiozavod im.Popova enters the Indian market.


Interstate Development Corporation, which includes OmPA "named Popov Radio Plant" will participate in the creation of the telecommunications infrastructure in India. This was stated by Director General of MCR Ivan Polyakov on the V-m Russian-Indian Forum on Trade and Investment

MCR will develop projects in the field of professional communication and security systems on the basis of info-communications transport medium of guaranteed stability HPIP. The Forum was announced that in the next five years, the Indian government plans to invest one trillion dollars on the development of transport

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Radioastron ready for interferometric observations!


Continues at an estimated flight orbit Russian space observatory with Spektr-R radio telescope that performs research mission of the program Radioastron (LPI). Successfully tested in the ranges of most short wave radio — 6 and 1.35 cm in the end of October 2011 for the first time carried out astronomical observations, digitization, transmission, decoding and recording the signal in a fashion identical to the interferometer. The results of data processing carried out by the Astro Space Center of Lebedev Physical Institute, showed a successful outcome, confirming the readiness of outer shoulder Radioastron to the first interferometric testing.

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Production of trucks: the growth, in fact, the crisis in the mind


Broke out three years ago, the financial crisis has undermined the optimistic forecasts that promised lifting truck market for years to come. A new wave of the crisis, which experts predict could repeat the situation three years ago. How are manufacturers of trucks to negative forecasts and that intend to take in the event of a downturn? Three years ago, General Director of KAMAZ Sergey Kogoghin assured that the company will survive the crisis, as rukovodctvom was prepared in advance an anti-crisis program. "It requires, above all, the introduction of austerity means and resources, the sharp reduction of

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Presentation, which waited 15 years in Kursk city opened Circus

Kursk, 11.11.11g.

After an extensive renovation in Kursk city opened a circus. The old building burned down in a fire in its place built a complex that will be the largest and most modern in the country.


Today transformed not only the building of the circus, but the area in front of him. Work is being completed on the restoration of the fountain. It will be a 13-jet fountain with lights and a huge water bowl. Near the new circus, a monument to Yury Nikulin and his partner on stage Michael Shuydina. These two brilliant

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Preparing for the defense

Over the last couple of days there have been several key events to be related to the defense of the country. Remember one of the most popular myths, so lovingly cultivated by liberal media in the media space? Army collapsed, soldiers running, it’s time to join NATO. Indeed, during that liberal powerlessness that happened in Russia in the 90’s, as a reflection of the worst human qualities, in order to enrich themselves dishonest generals were selling something that is not theirs. But in the new century, things began to change. Not to wave a magic wand, of course, but the

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