240 Stavropol families are preparing for new home


In the regional capital put another multi-storey building. 240 Stavropol families are preparing for new home. The event could be the ordinary — in the city is still a construction boom. But stavropoltsy received from "YugStroyInvest" not just square footage, but also the necessary social infrastructure.

Company "YugStroyInvest" for several years building a self-sufficient residential neighborhoods. In every yard — children playground, athletic field and gymnasium. In walking distance — shops, schools, kindergartens. All this in a portfolio of projects "YugStroyInvesta"

"We are building a successful kindergarten, the box is almost ready, two floors that week will end — the general director of the group of companies" YugStroyInvest "Yuri Ivanov. — We have started to design school for 900 places. All this will improve the quality of living in the South West district of Stavropol. "

Now work — order the governor — to save the South-West region of Stavropol traffic congestion. The road being built by the company, will connect the neighborhoods "Perspective" and "Olympic" and will relieve the streets Pirogov and Tukhachevsky.

According to the Head of Stavropol city administration Dzhatdoeva Andrew, "the company sets a style, a kind of fashion for the city of Stavropol, which needs to be cultivated and spread throughout the city."

The results of work for a few years — hundreds of thousands of square meters of housing and offices — made the "UCI" one of the leaders of the construction industry in southern Russia.

Now the province almost every second square meter deposited over the past few years, on account of the company.

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