In the United States set up a sperm bank in the case of animals of the Apocalypse

August 11, 2013. The question takes on a strange hue because of the field while still filled with cows, sheep, goats and other animals that provide us with food, writes However, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has created a special storage of semen of animals in Colorado.

It is located in Fort Collins. And now here contains about 700,000 copies of sperm from 18 different species of animals that float in liquid nitrogen in anticipation of some catastrophic events that could end life on Earth.

When we talk about the impending danger, we think less about a

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Polish youth aspires to serve in the army

The youth of today in Poland as opposed to their own Russian peers strives to serve in the army. The reason for so much love for the mass execution of duty was the translation of civilian aircraft to Poland Prof. level.

Military Gendarmerie, which in modern Polish army makes the function of law and policing, recently noted an unusual event. It was found that young people offer bribes to military physicians, in order to obtain a certificate confirming the "suitability". This turn of almost 180 degrees, Yet only recently chased young men who offered bribes to evade military

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Aryan Brotherhood

Aryan Brotherhood was founded in 1964 in San Quentin prison. Initially operated only in prisons, gradually became involved in the criminal business at large. Members of the group may be just white. Wages war with blacks, Hispanics and Asians. Maintains ties with the Italian Mafia. Alliance with other white prison gangs such as the Nazi Lowriders, Public Enemy No.1 and European Kindred, as well as with the Mexican Mafia (La Eme). According to FBI estimates, members of the group are about 15 000 people. Gang members make up about 1% of all prisoners, but commit 26% of

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With Vsevolozhsk rolled off half a million Ford

Ford Sollers plant in Vsevolozhsk produces half a million cars — the first Russian Ford Focus III estate car.

Today, January 17, the assembly line Ford Sollers plant in Vsevolozhsk (Leningrad region) fell 500 000th car. As correspondent 47News the press service of Ford Sollers, the company is a double celebration as the anniversary was a new Ford Focus III estate car — the first new Focus, produced at the factory in this modification.

"It's great that half a million cars produced in Russia, turned Ford Focus wagon — our noveyshayaya model — said Ted Kannis,

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Welcome home, Yuri Pavlovich!

[Img =] At the last Board of Directors unanimously approved the candidature for the post of head coach — [b] Yuri Pavlovich Semin [/ b]. The contract was signed before 31 December 2011 and shall come into force on 1 June 2009. Source: press service of FC "Locomotive", Maria USTILIMOVA / / 26-05-2009 16:08

Flooding occurs: Thousands of Russians caught in the disaster zone

August 9, 2013. Over the past day flooded regions on the map of Russia became even more. To distress the Far East and the Urals Volga added. In Bashkiria in the flood zone were more than 500 homes, hundreds of people were evacuated.

After heavy rains washed away roads, the traffic at 11 sites completely blocked. In one district of Bashkortostan, where once flooded 10 settlements, declared a state of emergency. The critical situation is in the Chelyabinsk region, where in the last day, according to weather forecasters, has dropped more than two months of normal rainfall.


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Polish SWR Tor

Mnogokalibernye sniper rifle more than once justify what they view as a necessary tool in the arsenal of a modern army. Provided that the instrument is designed by experienced hands and blond heads, and ammunition that are used in it, not the gross production, and the highest properties in comparison with machine-gun bullets, a gun can be used successfully not only the size of a Target tank, yes and for precision shooting over long distances. At that precise shooting needs not only to destroy enemy personnel, and to undermine the unexploded shells, which is particularly pressing issues, provided that the

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Australia is going to join the Kyoto-2

Australia is going to join the Kyoto-2 save the planet

Australia, one of the major producers of greenhouse gases in the world, has decided to sign the Agreement on Environmental Cooperation, the Kyoto Protocol entering into the second phase of its action. At the same time, her neighbor, New Zealand, in an international agreement to participate refused.

Except Australia only the European Union and a number of small states in their world have decided to support the protocol and extend it for a second term. For the whole Australian continent is a serious step, because almost all of

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UFO crash during the SU-27


UFO crash during the SU-27 17.11.03, the


The first of August to Kiev television channel ICTV video was shown (in the slow scrolling) sensational Su-27 plane crash at Lviv civil-military airfield Sknyliv on Saturday, 27 July of this (2002) year, at 12:45 local time.

In the video, the digital mode slow browsing, along with the birds near the aircraft, clearly seen flying off white object in the form of

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Chinese carrier-based fist

Not so long ago, in the naval forces of the People’s Liberation Army of China was introduced first aircraft carrier. Ship «Liaoning» is almost unfinished and refitted aircraft carrier «Varyag», which in its time was built for Russian Navy Union. After the collapse of the USSR with this ship came a lot of events, but he still was completed and put into operation, even if not at home. But in the context of the Chinese Navy is currently greater enthusiasm is not the «Liaoning», and some expressions of official Beijing about the coming of similar ships. Last «Varyag», from

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