75 school children for a month to work in the shops of NAPO

75 students 8-10th grade schools under the patronage of the Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association. VP Chkalov (NAPO) for a month to work part-time in the shops of the main production of military and civilian equipment, the press service of the company "Sukhoi". 

"For many of them it is — the first labor experience, so the company’s administration office picked up on forces — the archivist, the distributor works manager. Thus, students are introduced to the principles of the organization of labor, production processes, the specifics of different specialties. For his work, they will receive the first salary and employment records, "- explained in the company.

The practice of temporary employment exists in the aircraft manufacturing association for three years. In 2010, the factory has come 30. Since wishing to work in the summer getting bigger, to identify candidates for the school contests. Priority is given to have experience in a factory and has proved popular, as well as successfully complete the academic year. Special attention is given to children from low-income families and under guardianship. Many of past work experience and interested aviation manufacturing at the end of the school entered the training institutes. They have the right of admission and to receive a scholarship, explained in the press service said.

"Practical training students in the union is part of the work of the" Scientific-Production Education Cluster aircraft Novosibirsk region. " It was established in 2011 NAPO. VP Chkalov with the support of the Novosibirsk Regional Administration and the Ministry of Education, combining into a single concept of vocational training programs of the State Technical School number 1, the Novosibirsk Aviation Technical College (NATK) and the Faculty of aircraft Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU LAF) "- as explained in" dry ".

The basis of the principle of continuity of the consortium went to training at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of professional education. To implement this idea in these schools have been reviewed and brought into line with the needs of the production of educational programs and a number of new items. Lectures to students read foreign experts and leading members of NAPO. Coursework and thesis projects, students are prepared based on the knowledge and experience acquired during compulsory work experience in aircraft manufacturing association. As part of the project, GPTU number 1 for the training of skilled workers, a prototype of mechanical part of the enterprise, which is located Machining Center and other training equipment. Education at this site allows graduates as soon as possible to begin work on a specialty in NAPO.

In association sponsored schools are working to professional orientation of students. Its purpose — to show the attractiveness and prestige of occupations aviation industry. For students grades 8-11 are held competitions, conferences, intellectual games on aviation subjects. In the summer vacation students work in NAPO, and in positions where they feel ownership of the aircraft-building. After high school, our specialists assess the level of students’ knowledge and abilities.

"In line with this they are encouraged to further study in the consortium institutions in occupations in demand in NAPO. Last year, for the first time high-school graduates who wish to study at the LAF in the NSTU, took part in the contest in aircraft construction, which resulted in ten children who showed the best result, have won scholarships from NAPO shall have priority admission to the Faculty ", — the" dry " .

A short video about the human resources policy of NAPO:

/ / Who’s to say that staff at the aircraft factory no one does? In this NAPO full order :)

/ / Who’s to say that staff at the aircraft factory no one does? In this NAPO full order

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