A new anti-corrosion material Mail

Our entire civilization — iron. Wherever you look — all metal, and, moreover, rusty, ugly picture. Almost 20% of the annual global production of steel is the reproduction of rusted metal! That’s it ….. Company NPO "Chemical Technology" develops and manufactures high performance, conservation and protection of the composition. The practical use of these materials allows to reduce metal structures and facilities, flow of energy resources, the cost of production.

But there is no limit to perfection! Our engineers have developed a new material for reliable protection against the global scourge called "rust." And he is a proud Russian name "Mail." Anticorrosive composition was created using the latest technology, so managed to achieve high strength, durability, corrosion-resistant coating finished in a variety of environments.
This technology — «know how» of our company. In the photo the new equipment made by special order:

Laboratory responsible for quality control of raw materials and finished products

The cost of the song "Mail" is quite competitive, even compared with domestic anti-corrosion materials. Details and photos of objects that are protected by "Kolchuga" in the following publications.

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