A new dormitory for students of Tomsk State University

National Research Tomsk State University is preparing for the opening of the largest hostel in the city. It is designed for 1,200 seats, which is about one and a half times greater than the largest of force today in Tomsk dormitories.

Construction of a new dormitory for the University was an issue. After all, traditionally at TSU comes a large number of students from different regions of the country and abroad, nearly 70% of high school students are from other cities. So far, the TSU has 6 th dormitories, the last of which was commissioned in 1972. To solve this problem, Tomsk State University, entered the federal investment program of education and launched a large-scale project — the construction of a new dormitory that will solve the problem of accommodation of TSU students and more effectively work on the set for the university objectives of training for the innovation economy.

According to the project construction works at the site were conducted from 2008 to 2013. Funds pledged for 2013 has already been mastered in 2012, at the end of December, TSU received permission to enter the facility, and that means that it completed the construction of building structures and connected communication. The hostel is built on an individual project, the total building area 22,000 m2. Sixteen-building is faced in the corporate colors of the university: a white and blue.

Future tenants provide a comfortable environment for living — dining room, kitchen, sports room, laundry, all the necessary social infrastructure. The hostel is divided into sections, the students will be living in one, two or three in a room with a hallway, bathroom and shower, and a spacious hall there is a place for self-study, relax and socialize. The new hostel is equipped with modern multimedia equipment, a fiber-optic network. It is important that the building is located in the heart of the city Buyanovskaya on a side street, within walking distance from the university campus on the picturesque bank of the Tom River.

Special attention was paid to the construction and safety of students live — staffed hostel with all modern security systems — fire and security, reliable video surveillance systems.

Construction of dormitories, equipping it with furniture and all the necessary equipment has begun, and the grand opening will take place at the end of May, when the oldest university in Siberia will celebrate its 135th anniversary. It is assumed that the event will be attended by officials from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Tomsk region, members of the public, the Russian and foreign partners, the media.

The new dorm will live TSU students, including foreign ones, as well as invited to lecture teachers of Russian and foreign universities. Tomsk State University has shown how it will look new and modern hostel and the conditions in which students will have to live.

Entering this hostel TSU will solve the problem of placement of students who enroll in college from near and far abroad. Almost 70% of the State University students are from other cities.

On each floor of the dormitory will develop a spacious hall.

Rooms here are qualitatively different from those that are in the old-style dormitories. They are more like hotel rooms, where everything is designed for comfort and convenience of guests.

From the windows of student rooms will overlook the Tom or TSU …

… and on the upper floors have balconies instead of windows.

University undergraduates will live on three people in the room.

In most areas until only the bare walls, but in the end of April will be delivered furniture here.

The kitchen in the new dormitory — one on the corridor, but the shower and toilet in every room of your own.

Arrow-shaped body building


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