According to Rogozin beliefs buying weapons abroad should be the exception

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin believes that the purchase of foreign-made weapons for the Russian navy and the army should be done only in exceptional cases. This is stated in the message that the secretariat vserasprostraneno Rogozin.

Rogozin on Wednesday held a meeting devoted to the modernization of defense industry of the state defense order, the development of space-rocket and nuclear industry.

"Dmitry Rogozin stressed that the taking into account of money allocated to the state defense order and other federal program, as the scale of the tasks set by the control of the country to rearm Russian Navy and the Army, question the acquisition of foreign-made weapons from now on to raise not advisable and should be regarded as an obvious exception to the rule, "- said in a press release.

"If we want to catch up with Western countries in the technological issues in this area, we do not have to follow the road already Thoren, and try to" cut corners "and to achieve advantages in priority areas" — are words Rogozin.

The development of military equipment and weapons, according to the views of the vice-premier, must be conducted on a scheduled basis — with the prospect of at least 20 years — taking into account the dynamics of threats and challenges, and future demographic, economic, and other abilities of.

Rogozin entrusted the management of subordinate structures in the two-week period to prepare reports on the results of the implementation of plans of federal programs motivated concerning security and defense in 2011 In addition, the Deputy Prime Minister commissioned the meeting recently to analyze the state of the military-industrial complex, and its system of governance.

Rogozin suggested that an inventory of defense, and in some cases — an audit of the individual, most challenging, the objects "defense."

Our homeland and France in June of last year signed a contract, the amount of which totaled 1.2 billion. euros for the construction of 2-"Mistral" — universal helicopter for Russian Navy. It is planned that the first ship will be delivered to Russia in 2014, the second — in 2015 Formerly a French naval shipbuilding municipal company DCNS said that the advance received and started the construction of the first helicopter to RF.

Shells 2-follow-up "Mistral" will be built as early as RF. In September 2011 Anatoly Isaikin, CEO of Rosoboronexport, reported that the second pair of ships of this type to be made 20% in France and 80% — in.

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