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Combined (road and rail) road Adler — the station is a mountain resort "Alpika-Service" (the village of Krasnaya Polyana) will become the main artery of the 2014 Olympics and will improve the region’s infrastructure by connecting interchanges with the federal highway M-27.
New road Adler — Krasnaya Polyana is laid mainly on the left bank of the river Mzymty. The designers have taken into account all the features of the natural landscape and paved railways and roads parallel. It will be built 12 tunnels with a total length of 27 kilometers and built more than 50 bridges. Thanks to this solution, the new route will connect Adler terminus "Alpica Service" almost in a straight line. The combined length of the road will be 48.2 km.

The planned capacity of the railway Adler — Krasnaya Polyana — 6 pairs of trains per hour. The compositions will in this area at speeds up to 160 km / h Positioning of trains will be carried out by means of a satellite navigation system GLONASS.
Enterprises Group "SK MOST" are working on a site PC-141 — PC-462, from the 14th to the 46th kilometer of the road. On the road connecting the towns Akhshtyr and Esto-Sadok, erected six rail and road tunnel 3, 3 service-escape galleries. Work on laying them maintained as mining method (using tunneling machines) and shield method (using a tunnel boring mechanized complexes (TMC).

In addition to the tunnel complex will be built here 10.8 km railway and the railway bridge built 23 total length of nearly 9.5 km. In addition, in its section "IC BRIDGE" pave over 11.5 km of road and build 23 road bridge with a total length of more than 10.5 km.
According to the construction schedule approved by the Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the new route will be completed in five years. The course must be put into operation no later than the third quarter of 2013

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The bridge on the road Adler — skiing resort "Alpika Service

Combined (road and rail) road Adler — skiing resort "Alpika-Service." Road bridge crossing near N. portal tunnel complex N3.

Property Features:

  • Diagram: dvuhpilonny three-span cable-stayed bridge 126 +300 +126
  • bridge length — 552 m, the central span — 300 m
  • Road category — III
  • The number of lanes — 2
  • Clearance roadway on the bridge G-10
  • total weight of 4,900 tons of metal
  • total weight of 8,900 tons of concrete
  • weight of 150 tons of guys

pylon height 68 m above the carriageway, 86 m from the pile cap

Perform the following calculations on stage "Project":

  • determination of the stress-strain state of the construction of the bridge during the operational phase of the action of permanent and temporary (wind and moving road) loads.
  • dynamic calculations (determination of frequencies and modes of vibrations of the structure), the preparation of data for numerical aerodynamic testing;
  • analysis of the results of mathematical purge beam stiffness

Railway bridge
The main feature of the route is that it takes place in a mountainous area in difficult topographical and geotechnical conditions. According to the project documentation for the branch line Adler — Krasnaya Polyana will be built 23 bridges. They have about a quarter of the entire route. The total length of railway bridges — nearly 10 km.
The main part of the bridge structures located on the curved sections with a radius of 600 m or more. Padded in the mountains, the road is protracted deviations of up to 40 ‰.

The designers were challenged to develop a unified spans of bridges to provide good technical and economic parameters of designs, the comfort of the train at high speeds and the ability to mount these structures in the mountains. In addition, increased demands are made to the architectural expression of bridges, as the train line runs in the recreational area of Sochi National Park.
Based on these conditions, the engineers have proposed a universal solution by developing steel superstructures of the new layout with a ride along the ground on the ballast (usually railway tracks laid on board BMP). This technology will provide a high-speed mode in the set of curves and traffic safety, in spite of the large difference in elevation between the start and end points of the road.

Bridge construction on a branch of the Adler — Krasnaya Polyana are erected in the form of flyovers (using mainly steel girder spans of 18.2 m, 23 m and 33.6 m) and bridges with steel truss (with spans of 55 m, 66 m and 110 m ). Bridges are approaches that are linked from the joist spans. The total length of the bridge with through farms is about 50% of the total length of the bridge structures.
According to experts, for the construction of bridges on the route Adler — Krasnaya Polyana will take more than 60,000 tons of structural steel.

Tunnel complex number 1
The first tunnel complex near the village laid Akhshtyr Adler district of Sochi on the 15 km route (14.7 — 17.2 km) to the village of Krasnaya Polyana.
The length of the railway tunnel — 2,475 m, the gallery — 2,330 m road tunnel — 2,287 m

The penetration of road and rail tunnels is carried out using road headers (mountain way) tunnel excavation — with the use of TBM (Lovat RME 232SE 5.6 m diameter).
Construction period: I quarter 2009 — II quarter of 2013

Tunnel complex number 2
 The shortest Mysovoy tunnel length of 122 m is paving for rail transport. The road skirts the headland there and goes to the right bank of the river Mzymty on the overpass.
Tunnel excavation is mountainous way.
Construction period: III quarter 2009 — I quarter of 2011

Tunnel complex number 3
 The longest highway tunnel complex. Located on a plot of 23 to 28 kilometers of the Adler — Krasnaya< /b> Polyana.
The length of the railway tunnel — 4565 m, galleries — 4534 m road tunnel — 3169 m
After a road tunnel road will pass through the cable-stayed bridge.

All three tunnels to be built with the most advanced to date method of shields. Especially for this purpose in Germany and Canada were acquired three modern tunnel boring complex:
— Herrenknecht 13210 HART (diameter 13.2 m) for the construction of highway tunnel;
— Lovat RME 243 DS (diameter 6.2 m) for the construction of tunnels;
— Lovat RM 394 DS (diameter 10.2 m) for the construction of a railway tunnel.
Construction period: II quarter 2009 — II quarter of 2013

Tunnel complex number 4
 Fourth the length of the tunnel complex is located 441 m below the mountain promontory, 36 km of Adler — Krasnaya Polyana.
Tunnel excavation will be carried out mining method.
Construction period: III quarter 2009 — III quarter 2011

Tunnel complex number 5
 The fifth Tunnel complex is located on a 39.9 — 42.7 km of Adler — Krasnaya Polyana. Just beyond the northern portal of the tunnel at 43 km of new road is an intermediate station Esto-Sadok. Passengers who arrived here by train or bus will be at the complex jumps. Hence, too, the buses can get to other Olympic venues in this mountainous area.

The length of the road tunnel in the fifth tunnel complex — 1333 m It is laid with the use of road headers (mining method).
Tunnel and rail tunnel routed using new tunnel boring systems. The length of the tunnel — 2848 m, railway tunnel — 2864 m
For the construction of service-evacuation tunnels purchased, installed and in July 2009 launched the TBM Lovat RME 167 SE diameter of 3.9 m, and for sinking the railway tunnel will be used by Herrenknecht TBM diameter of 10.6 m 10690
Construction period: II quarter 2009 — III quarter 2012

Tunnel complex number 6
Sixth tunnel length of 433 m complex is located on a 45.0 — 45.4 km under construction the Adler — Krasnaya Polyana. It outputs the way to the end point of the route — the station "Alpica-Service" in the village of Krasnaya Polyana, located at an altitude of 550-600 meters above sea level. From the station, "Alpica Service" passengers will be able to go to the bobsleigh complex and the media village or take a bus to other Olympic venues in this mountainous area.

The complex is planned to build a railway tunnel only.
Excavation work will be done by tunnel boring machines (mountain way).
Construction period: II quarter 2009 — III quarter 2011

On the route Adler — Krasnaya Polyana passed tunnel number 4


Major work on the construction of bridges on the route Adler — Krasnaya Polyana will be implemented in 2012

On the route Adler — Krasnaya Polyana built first in the south of Russia stayed bridge

The construction of the railway bridge in the village of Esto-Sadok

Railway tunnel number 2 was the first of a tunnel, passed by "SK MOST" during the construction of the Olympic track

Contractor — JSC "BUILD TRUST" (SK MOST Group of Companies)

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