Aircraft in the muddy water. 30 years of the crime.

On the night of August 31 to September 1, 1983 there was a provocation by the CIA, which has accelerated the process of the destruction of the Soviet Union.
Mysteriously disappeared without a trace South Korean Boeing 747 with the passengers. Incidentally this is the first of five Boeing, which disappeared without a trace, drastically affected the geopolitical situation in the world.

During September 1983, to seventy ships of the USSR, the USA, Japan and Korea, search for the wreckage of the giant, the remains of passengers and baggage. Despite the shallow depth, flat bottom and favorable weather conditions, has been found ONLY U.S. housing scouting aircraft RC-135 with the things that simulates luggage. The very fact that this finding was filed in the press in the most distorted.

Soviet leader Yuri Andropov, at this time was in the hospital, as well as all his subsequent term. The remaining leadership of the USSR consisted of marazmatik decrepit, old fart, each afraid to take responsibility for decisions. As a result of the collective insanity, the Soviet Union, to the account of the death of a South Korean Boeing, basically took the point of view of American propaganda. Huge country has suffered pecuniary damage which eventually led to its collapse.

The blame for the "downed" Boeing, placed on the Soviet military pilot of the Su-15 Gennady Osipovich.
According Osipovich American maneuvered accelerated and decelerated, as a result, high-speed Su-15 uletal forward again lost sight of it and had to go to the second set. Such maneuvers are not possible for a passenger Boeing.
Eye contact and determination of the type of aircraft, could not be installed, because it was late at night. In turn, the pilots of the "victim" had a saw and the firing of guns and nozzle drying, and could not understand what it means.

Most of the materials to investigate the incident, have been classified and presented to the society with numerous nedoskazkami distorted. Any independent investigator, immediately noted the falsity of the official version, the first significant divergence of U.S. and Japanese data.

In the early 90s, Soviet officials and Boris Yeltsin gave Seoul allegedly writing "black box" Boeing, as well as several fragments of aircraft parts that are irrelevant to KAL007 had. This episode did not shed light, but only added the official version of the falsity of the USSR, the USA, Japan and Yuzh.Korei.


President Reagan, being a part-time Hollywood actor, very quickly received audio radio talks Osipovich. No one doubted that this recording was made this night. Demonstrate this recording, Reagan spoke to the Americans, with a phenomenal, obviously pre-prepared speech, "the Soviet Union — The Evil Empire." As a result of these events, and this speech in the world to srezhessirovannaya anti-Soviet hysteria. These sheep, defiantly poured Russian vodka, just the same as before the 2014 Sochi, do thence homosexuals.

French filmmaker Michel Brun, gathered in one, all of the evidence and all the facts. Interestingly, he did not collect on Sakhalin and in Japan. Interviewing fishermen from Hokkaido found that in the sky above the island Moneron the night air battle took place, with a fall of at least nine aircraft. Fragments of light skin passenger Boeing, he found a Japanese residents of the coastal zone, but the most amazing thing is that people do not have this island of Hokkaido and Honshu.

He found that in the area of the west coast of the island of Honshu, in early September, a raid, a group of Soviet fighters that are probably looking for fragments of Boeing, about which the press howled. Interviews with local Aboriginal people, gathering fragments by comparing the facts by examining the inconsistency of the American and Japanese press, recordings of air traffic controllers, and so on., Brun concluded that Boeing has been destroyed over the Japan Sea west of the island of Honshu, that a few hundred kilometers to the south of the place where indicates the official version.

Let us remember the innocent victims of another crime United States.

Link to Michel Brun KAL-007

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