Airline Angara is the main operator of the An-148 in the east

As the AIF Irkutsk, the first modern aircraft AN-148 will go to the Irkutsk region in October. The main advantage of this type of aircraft is its versatility, it can be used both on international flights and high-quality "concrete runway," but also to the untrained, snowy or unpaved airfields.

The airline "Angara" is created on the basis of Aircraft Repair Plant 403 (ARP 403), and has a significant share in imeeet regional transport, in addition to the repair and maintenance of aircraft previous one generation.

The photo of An-148-100E, registration number 61712, the first aircraft in the livery of "Angara". Author unknown, found at:…4124/1685/6xnPZ3-jvKo.jpg 

The appearance of the main operator of AN-148 in the region will stabilize intraregional air transport, as well as provide an outlet for the region’s air service from Khabarovsk, Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing and other cities and neighboring regions. In general, in the Irkutsk region, the Republic of Buryatia and the Trans-Baikal region of about 1 million passengers to domestic airlines, or one in five. Most of the traffic on the airfield is not equipped for unpretentious An-24 and 26, they can also be operated without the hangars. Expand geography of flights, it will create new jobs, increase local taxes.

This news is doubly pleasing to the Voronezh aircraft manufacturers, as it will allow "razrulit" situation with the sale of this type of aircraft. The party is made up of planes already built for the various operators, including STC "Russia" and "Flight", so the question remains as "Angara" will operate two different versions of "B" and "E" at the same time.

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