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Security is a very important criterion for the use of public transport. No matter whether the subway, airplane, trolley and so on. — Safety should always be maintained at the proper level. As the average user that does not have its own helicopter (bus, airplane), I certainly know that somehow this security is provided. But how? What tools and methods used in this case? Stumbled on a very interesting material published by respected twower, I’m with the consent of the author decided to put this post here, so that everyone interested can find out how to ensure their protection, unbeknownst to them.

On Tuesday, during a press tour visited the training center staff in the area of transport security, which is located at the Domodedovo airport.

Brief spravochka pro Centre:
Center for training in the field of transport security set up in December 2006 on behalf of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia. Center is part of the All-Russian Institute of Advanced Police Academy.
The center is a training complex is equipped in accordance with the technological scheme of aviation security of an airport, which allows to simulate the situation since the arrival of passengers at the airport just before boarding the aircraft. Also provides for training of police to ensure law and order on the objects underground.
The main objective of the Center is the professional development and training of police officers providing security at transport facilities.
Education students performed in the following disciplines:
— the activities of the Internal Affairs on transport, aimed at countering terrorism;
— particular duty to maintain public order on the transport facilities;
— especially the rule of passengers, hand luggage and baggage for air transport objects;
— how to access (pass) air services workers to the territory of the airport complex, and methods to prevent unauthorized access of citizens in the controlled area of the airport;
— tactics checking documents from citizens at airports;
— profiling (method to identify potentially dangerous passengers and situations during the pre-flight inspection).

Last year, the Center has been prepared 400 people, it is planned to prepare 775.

I do not fly often, but everything works as it was interesting to find out.

In the major international airports in Russia adopted a five-level system of protection.
Level 1
The entrance to the airport. On the forecourt located surveillance systems (stationary camera), as well as machine monitoring system with video recording "Feed". Approaches to the airport as departmental security patrolled the Interior Ministry, and patrol service units of the airport.

Level 2
Input control of the airport complex. Conducting joint profiling and screening services, aviation security and law-enforcement bodies of suspects.

3rd level
The reception area commuters. Profiling potentially dangerous passengers.

Level 4
Passport, Immigration, immigration and customs control in the area of passenger screening. Identification Database wanted persons, and forged documents.

Level 5
Pre-screening of passengers. Check carry-on luggage, tactile inspection for the purpose of identification and seizure of prohibited items and substances.

  • In the center are present levels from the 2nd to the 5th, through them now and go through.
  • In the center are present levels from the 2nd to the 5th, through them now and go through.

PS Orange background — it’s not the camera glitches, and the real coverage of the educational complex, so do not be surprised reddishnesses in subsequent photographs.

At the entrance to the airport is standard frame metal detector, introscope (the same x-ray for your bags) and CCTV. Since the training center, there may be equipment that is installed is not at all the airports. For example, a video surveillance system "Owl-Stream Video" so far only available on passenger railway stations, shopping malls and stadium Kazan, Moscow metro station "Ryad" in St. Petersburg at one of the stations.

  • About videopotochnuyu "Owl" described in detail the representative of the manufacturer
  • About videopotochnuyu "Owl" described in detail the representative of the manufacturer

This system allows the video footage from surveillance cameras, which is then processed. Recognizes a person who is in the frame, and a comparison with a database of persons who are being sought. The basis of recognition come from a point on the projecting parts of the face (24 positions). Mustache, makeup or glasses to cheat the system will not help, because bones of the face are the same. In general, you can only pass an unidentified person after treatment with a sledgehammer 🙂

If a man is like a wanted criminal, the system sends a signal to the operator (ie, it does not have to constantly stare at the screen), and shows the percentage of similarity between individuals. For the operator remains the final decision: to take prompt action to apprehend the suspect or miss if he will see that the system is wrong.
The base of wanted criminals can contain about 50,000 images (say in the search for a greater number of criminals simply do not have), and search for her in the system will take about 7 seconds.
Why such a system is not yet installed everywhere? As usual, you prevent bureaucratic delays, the objective problems, the lack of money for equipment. An example of delays and problems can serve as a lack of a unified framework for wanted criminals in the Interior Ministry. With the lack of money to some extent a matter decided after the adoption of the 2010 Comprehensive Program to ensure public safety in transportation, which is allocated to the end of 2013 more than 46 billion rubles. But the amount of work on the technical equipment to be just a huge, given the country’s size and the number of objects of transport infrastructure, so that the solution will not come quickly. Also available and in-house competition, when the Interior Ministry, the FSB and its own security services of various transportation facilities can pull the blanket over himself.

A spokeswoman told a funny story about the introduction of the "Owl" in the Home Loan Bank. For the first month were caught about 40 scammers who tried to take out loans to various shopping malls, each time providing the documents with different name. One such citizen was on hand at all 27 passports with recurring personal data, but that person to change, of course, could not, on what and got burned.

In addition to a system that recognizes the good and bright faces of criminals, there are experts who personally or through special video systems monitor the passengers, identified by their psycho-emotional state of potentially dangerous individuals. This profilers.
Profiling in this country appeared relatively recently, alth
ough in the same West has long been successfully used. At first, it was administered large trucking companies such as "Transaero", JSC "Russian Railways", now translated and training to the state level for all of the same Comprehensive Program to ensure public safety in transportation.

In profiling using two methods: observation and interviews.
Continuously monitor a person can order 30 minutes, after which the care is reduced due to fatigue. For continuous monitoring of the Centre being piloted control system of mental and emotional state of a person «VibraImage».
The system will automatically calculate and visually assess the psycho-emotional state of the person using the software processing a television signal and convert it to a vibroimage. Psycho-emotional state of the person is characterized on the basis of proprietary algorithms to analyze vestibular-emotional reflex and macro movements.
Vibraimage system monitors the level of emotions such as aggression, stress and anxiety, as well as determine the level of potential hazard controlled person.

Mandatory condition placement of cameras: the passengers as possible should not see it, and guess what its purpose. The system can be configured to scan a single person (individual interview in a separate room) and a group of persons (Halls stations)

Psycho-emotional state of the passengers on the screen in two ways:
— using colors (lots of red — increased aggression)
— with numbers (the level of aggression in percent)

The man’s a little nervous, but within the allowed rate

If the device shows increased aggression, overexcited state, such passenger is invited to an interview profiler. This is the second method — a survey. During the conversation the profiler analyzes the behavior of a suspicious person who is taken into account, what and how he responds to certain kinds of questions. At the end of the conversation profiler may decide to skip a passenger in the station building, or send it for further inspection.

The profiler can work without a special control system for psycho-emotional state. For example, it obviously will have a talk with the man, whose suitcase you see below, and find out why trafficked by such strange objects.
It seems to be normal, regular baggage on the belt introscope

A security officer asks for more time to show it, only this time putting sideways. Some sort of board and tin snips. That’s a reason why they talk lucky passenger, and why these objects are located in the bag so that the folding mechanism disguised as pens

Put that on the face of the passenger no dangerous items, but the profiler sees that the man is potentially a threat. You can conduct a thorough inspection. For example, to make a rapid test of an innocent bottle of perfume, which he carries in a carry-on.
Each airport in the police officers there’s such a device for the rapid analysis of liquids

Apply it to a suspicious vessel, press the button, a few seconds on the unit lights up green or red. Green — the liquid is safe, red — it is dangerous substances

For a more detailed investigation in the defense procurement to all airports purchased spectrum analyzers

The device with an accuracy of 99% identify any hazardous substances: liquid (including containers), hard objects.
Capacity can simply lean against the instrument

You can put the content into a special tube is threaded onto a spectrum analyzer

The device reports that the substance of the analysis presented in

Suppose that dangerous items of the passenger is not, and all substances and liquids, smuggled them in order, but the profiler sees something in his behavior is wrong. You can use all-purpose portable detection of explosives and narcotics

Small strip you spend on the hands or luggage, and then placed it in the detector

Yes you inside the bag there are traces of explosives! Now you are coming with a long explanation by security: what did the explosives in your bag, why you arrived at the airport and many other probing questions

If you have on hand will find traces of cocaine, it does not mean that invariably follow the detention and arrest. It is quite possible that you have caught them when he took his hand on the door handle in a public place, and then, after questioning, you will be allowed to continue on my way.

Finally show some pictures.

Intrinsically urn

To view pictures in high resolution please here.

Prohibited articles seized at Moscow airport

Improvised explosive devices disguised as toys and household appliances

Author Denis Mokrushin (twower).

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