Alarm Trade — trade mark Experimental Instrument Factory

Found a note about this venture and offer to read for those who does not believe in the ability of Russian companies to make electronic systems at the level of world leaders.

"… Alarm Trade — trade mark and trading arm of the Moscow Kaluga" Experimental Instrument Factory. "The company is engaged in the development and manufacture of security and anti-vehicle electronics (car alarms and immobilizers), vehicle service equipment and telemetry systems. Today, the main products of the company — car alarms «Pandora» and immobilizers «Pandect».

The company manufactures automotive safety since 2004, but has managed in a short time to consolidate its status as one of the technical and technological leaders in this field not only in Russia, but also the global market ….

Our company and engineers — is an advanced Russian science that keeps old traditions of the Russian scientific and technical creativity. Russia — with a capital letter. The enterprise decent living conditions for the productive and creative professionals, it is easily noticeable on our products and professional, and ordinary users.

The company has its own production, organized by the most modern international standards of the industry and the electronics industry stocked the latest high-precision equipment manufacturers. Our production combines the latest technology and time-tested tradition of quality Russian instrument … "

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