Altaivagon gave the company Evrosib 179 new carriages first batch January

JSC "Altaivagon" completed production of the first batch of cars for the "Evrosib" under a contract for the supply of 1,800 units of rolling stock during the first half of 2013. To date, in order "Evrosib" passed 179 cars, including 77 indoor and 102 gondola.

Total for January 2013 of "Altaivagon" send "EuroSib" 400 units of the new substation. The cars are reserved for the January party transportation service of JSC "Severstal", CJSC "International Paper" and "Mondi Syktyvkar".In 2013, "Evrosib" will continue to build up its own fleet of cars in an effort to provide customers with the most complete new rolling stock. In particular, the possibility of acquiring another 1,300 units.

Chief Engineer — Project Manager of Technical Development JSC "Evrosib St. Petersburg — Transportation Systems" Evgeny Popov: "In the course of the acceptance of the first batch of new rolling stock is not culled any car. Acceptance of the remaining wagons — 221 units from all over the January party — scheduled for January 31. Until the end of January 2013 on the cars will be prepared by the network numbers. The first cars will be sent to Art. Altai to the customers in late January — early February of this year. "

Recall that in late 2012, "Evrosib" and "Altaivagon" signed a contract to supply 1,800 units of new cars, according to which, during January-May 2013 will be produced and handed over to "Evrosib» 1000 gondola cars and 800 box cars. As a result, the supply of new substations park gondola "Evrosib" will increase by 53% to reach 2.9 million units, in turn, the park is covered wagons will double to 1.6 million units. Funding for the purchase of cars given the North-West Bank OJSC "Sberbank of Russia" and CJSC "Sberbank Leasing".

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