Altayenergosbyt install energy-saving lamps in the streets of the Gorno-Altai

JSC "Altayenergosbyt" has finished shipment of 138 LED lamps that will install on the main streets of the republican capital professionals CBM "Gorno-Altai electric enterprise networks." According to estimates of power engineering, installation work will take one to two months. The approximate length of the pedestrian areas to be covered, is 4.5 km.

"As an investor of" Altayenergosbyt "investing in energy efficiency in street lighting in the Gorno-Altaisk 1.3 million rubles. Replacing old light fixtures to energy efficient will save the city budget annually on lighting up to 200 thousand rubles. In addition, significantly improves the appearance of the central streets of the capital of the republic of sidewalks and lighting quality, "- said the managing director of" Altayenergosbyt "Sergei Dregval. The project is implemented under a contract with an energy service company, which implies a return on investment of "Altayenergosbyt" for several years from the savings generated by reducing city energy costs.

Energy efficiency measures are carried out by "Altayenergosbyt" in the Gorno-Altai in the framework of the program "Energy Efficient City," a five-years. Its implementation was made possible due to the signed in March 2011, the Agreement on Cooperation in the field of energy between "Altayenergosbyt" and the administration of the Gorno-Altai.

A similar project has already been implemented in Barnaul power company in collaboration with the City. In the summer of 2011 LED lights to replace the old lights were installed in the center of the edge of the capital — on the main avenue.

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