American website offer efforts to recycling of old vacuum cleaner

American website offer efforts to recycling of old vacuum cleaner Facts

It has become popular enough to engage in the processing of all kinds of obsolete or broken devices that people use in everyday life and in everyday life. To date appliances are the fastest growing waste stream, but 75% of broken and unused devices continue to gather dust in people at home, because they do not know how to better and safer to get rid of them.

One of the companies in Washington suggested that since the Americans could give to process their old mobile phones and get a small, but still money, why the same scheme does not apply to other gadgets. Site Vac-Recycle decided to borrow this scheme and encourages its members to give to recycle old vacuum and receive a symbolic reward.
The owner of the site is a small family business Vacuums Unlimited, located in Virginia. The company has over 30 years experience in the repair and re-sale of vacuum cleaners. The principle of operation of the site is as follows: the owner of the old vacuum cleaner fill an online form about their broken, indicating the model, manufacturer, condition and other features. Next to email the owner sent a confirmation code of the application. It remains only to mail the old vacuum cleaner or personally bring it to Vacuums Unlimited and receive a $ 10 to $ 50.
In addition to monetary compensation the company promises to name in honor of everyone who has brought a vacuum cleaner, a tree that will be planted in a new forest in Brazil under the name Atlantic Forest.

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