An agreement on the establishment of the Center in Ulyanovsk, Russia

transport aircraft

Agreement on the establishment of the Center in Ulyanovsk, Russian transport aircraft was signed on Wednesday, August 28, as part of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2013 Ulyanovsk Region Governor Sergei Morozov and president of the "United Aircraft Corporation" Mikhail Pogosyan.

On the eve of the Government of the Ulyanovsk region has entered into a cooperation agreement with Concern "Radio-electronic technology" (KRET).

"The agreement is the joint concerted actions of the parties, aimed at creating an enabling environment and infrastructure for accommodation in Ulyanovsk Region Center of the Russian transport aircraft," — said in the text of the agreement.
The Government of the Ulyanovsk region undertakes to state support for the project and help attract investment for the development of the aviation industry in the region, as well as assist in the development of infrastructure to accommodate business aircraft. KLA, in turn, reorganize their businesses and transport aircraft will form the corporate structure of business unit "Transport Aircraft". The term of the agreement is not defined, it can be terminated with notice of one of the parties within thirty days.

Center of the Russian transport aircraft will be a collection of industry and infrastructure institutions, companies, and other expert organizations, educational institutions, united for the development of modern Russian aircraft transport purposes. When you create a complex proposed to build in close proximity to each other downtown, the airport maintenance vehicles and aircraft training centers for pilots and technicians.

It is expected that the center will be organized as a nonprofit partnership established "United Aircraft Corporation", the Government of the Ulyanovsk region and the UK "Consortium" Ulyanovsk-Air. "

"The transport aircraft — it is really very promising niche. It is now scattered across different regions — it’s time to gather all in one place, and you will Ulyanovsk", — said the Morozov.

The center will be established in the framework implemented by the Government of the Ulyanovsk region project "Aviation Capital of Russia" in order to improve the competitiveness of the airline industry as a whole and produced in the region of aircraft. The project provides for the formation of port special economic zone, high-grade aviation cluster and the creation of innovative enterprises of aviation expertise.

As the general director of "Ulyanovsk aviation cluster" Vildan ZINNUROV, Center for Russian transport aircraft will bring together industry, infrastructure, expertise, and other organizations and companies "in cooperation links for establishment and operation of the life cycle of modern Russian aircraft transport purpose."

"Creation of the possible when placed in close proximity to each other: business center with office infrastructure, industrial sites, airports, educational institutions of various levels of training for pilots and technicians. Such a complex is partially formed in the Ulyanovsk region and currently formed in aviation cluster" Ulyanovsk-Air. "Missing the Center for solving the elements necessary to make the region as other residents of the cluster," — said ZINNUROV.

In addition, the Ulyanovsk enterprise "Aviastar" in the near future should reach the level of production of 15-20 aircraft per year, said on Wednesday, August 28, reporters the president of the United Aircraft Corporation Mikhail Pogosyan.

"The task before the" Aviastar "- in a short period of time to enter the volume of 15-20 aircraft per year. This is a very ambitious goal, but I believe that the collective" Aviastar "with VASO (Voronezh) and CAPO ( Kazan) will cope with this problem, "- he said at the presentation of the IL-76MD90A Air Show" MAKS-2013 ".

Speaking about this car, Pogosyan said that this is a fundamentally new aircraft, which has good prospects up to 2030. "I think that in the near future will be decided and light military transport aircraft. This plane carrying capacity of 6 tons complement the line of machines that are now being developed and will be made of the United Aircraft Corporation" — said Pogosyan.

Also Concern "Radio-electronic technology", included in the CC "Rostekhnadzor," will develop a range of its business in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region, an agreement on cooperation with the regionomyu concluded in the framework of MAKS-2013. Under the agreement, KRET will develop industrial complex of the enterprises in the region, in particular the Ulyanovsk Instrument Design Bureau, Ulyanovsk Center of Microelectronics and automation, as well as the company’s "cliff", which produces avionics and medical equipment.

The Company is planning to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the organizations of their products, to ensure the steady growth of production volumes and profits. In turn, the government of the Ulyanovsk region will address the provision of state enterprises of the concern.

The agreement signed by the governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov and CEO of Concern "Radio-electronic technology," Nikolai Kolesov.

"These companies are the core of our aviation cluster. Therefore, their development is a strategic priority for the Government and the region," — said the governor signed the document.

In the framework of "MAKS-2013" Morozov also discussed with the chief designer of "Concern" Morinformsystem-Agat "George Antsev the possibility of creating a new industrial park on the basis of" Comet "in Zavolzhsky near Ulyanovsk. Parties agreed to end of September to develop a roadmap for the formation of the park , which, according to the organizers, will attract new industries to the area.

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