Another earthquake in New Zealand

Another earthquake in New Zealand Natural Disasters

10 months after the devastating earthquake in February that killed 182 people and devastated the city center in Christchurch December 23, 2011 again saw a series of tremors of 5.8. It is reported that there was no serious damage. One person has been damaged, is in a shopping center, and four had to be rescued from the landslide. During earthquakes, many goods in the shops were falling off the shelves, forcing shoppers to flee into the streets.

The first earthquake occurred at a depth of 4 kilometers to 26 kilometers from Christchurch. It was followed by aftershocks force 5.3 to one hour increased to 5.8. For security people at the airport were evacuated and shops temporarily stopped work. Residents of the city once again experienced a huge shock. More than 15,000 homes were left without electricity, sewage systems have been temporarily disabled. One dilapidated building and a vacant house collapsed after the earthquake of December 23.

Starting from September 4, 2010, when an earthquake of magnitude 7, in the region there were more than 7,000 aftershocks. The observed rock falls, and liquefaction.

Photos of the December earthquake:

1) a cloud of dust raised by the earthquake in Christchurch.

2) In some areas of the city occurred liquefaction.

3) The car in the center of the road stopped the movement because of liquefaction.

4) The broken wine bottle on the floor of a supermarket.

5) Workers watch struck the coast.

6) The people sitting on the road after the earthquake.

7) Men help the driver to release the car, which came to liquefaction.

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