Arabica may disappear due to climate change

Arabica may disappear due to climate change Facts

A team from the Royal Botanic Gardens, UK began studying the problem of climate change impacts on natural coffee plantation grade "arabica", grown in different parts of the world. The results are hardly encouraging, especially for coffee people, as by the end of the century this kind of coffee can completely disappear.

The fact that the "Arabica" was much more sensitive to changes in climate indicators in comparison with other varieties invigorating drink and very poorly adapted to small changes. This occurs in part because the "Arabica" limited genetic potential, and any changes in the average temperature, as well as new diseases and parasites strongly affect the quality of beans, because the plant does not have time to mutate to resist them.
According to the analysis the researchers, by the 2080 Wild "arabica" can not grow in the usual places for themselves or completely disappear. In Ethiopia, the main international suppliers of the class, climate change adds another factor — mass deforestation and deforestation killing the usual locus of wild coffee. Coffee industry, which has become almost the main source of income for many countries, is on the verge of collapse, and all fault — changing climate, acquiring such status due to the fault of the individual.

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