As part of a public-private partnership in Kazan created 832 places for pre-school children


In 2011, as chief of the Office of Education Ilsur Hadiullin, within the framework of a public-private partnership (PPP) created 832 places for pre-school children. At present already opened a private kindergarten for 100 places in the residential complex "Magellan", a children’s garden with 30 seats in the school premises number 67 of the Kirov region, private kindergarten "Razor" with 200 seats.

"We have parents willing to drive children in kindergartens, where, compared with municipal, more value-added services, where the group is smaller and more attention is paid to children," — said the head of the city. "Those who want to open a private kindergartens, there are also, however, the city government pays little attention to such investors", — said I. Metshin.

The development of variant forms of preschool education Kazan conducted in several directions: it kindergartens on the first floors of the houses, the transfer of objects in the concession and transfer facilities for free use.

Thus, in the near future on the ground floors of residential buildings will open 3 kindergartens: on ul.Glushko gardens will be on 50 and 75 seats on the ul.Kyzyl Army — with 60 seats.

Before the year is expected to sign the concession agreement in respect of a building with 60 seats, which is located on the street. B.Krasnaya in pos.M.Klyki. In the first quarter of 2012 is planned to complete procedures for the transfer of the building at 80 locations ul.Malo-Moscow.

As for the third area, by the end of open auction trading city premises to have a kindergarten "Razor" (in ul.R.Zorge 200 seats) and kindergarten "Spring" (in ul.Agryzskaya 120 seats). In the transmitted objects from the beginning of next year it is planned the operation of municipal 5 groups based on the municipal order.

Create kindergartens in new residential complexes — one of the forms of PPP. "Every investor who started building an integrated neighborhood, should be sure to plan it in the construction of educational institutions", — said I. Metshin. "There are no pending projects: first house, then parking, then kindergarten — should not be. Construction should be conducted in parallel, "- he said. By the way, this scheme has been successfully operating a residential complex «XXI Century", which has 3 kindergarten, the construction of pre-school institutions in the "Sun City". "Negotiate with the investor to build not only housing but also the appropriate social infrastructure to advance, at the start," — noted by the head of the city.

"Capital baby boom will continue in the future, which means that we will need additional kindergartens", — said Ilsur Metshin. The development of public-private partnership will create additional space in the city in the pre-school will provide parents the opportunity to choose between the public and private sector of early childhood education, improve access to quality education for children with different educational needs.

Recall, last week ended with a national program, "Belekech." Thanks to the program this year, Kazan commissioned 23 kindergartens, created more than 5,000 additional seats. "The unprecedented scale of the program and on, and on the timing, and quality. Despite the typical designs, each kindergarten — a separate tale, "- remarked I. Metshin and thanked the leadership of the republic, builders, collective preschool and all those who took part in the project.

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