At GES Naglu (Afghanistan) commissioned the production equipment of Turboatom

The power plant after modernization Naglu commissioned the turbine and butterfly valve production "Turboatom".

In February, the unit art. Number 3 Naglu plant after commissioning works commissioned another turbine and turbine disk shutter, upgraded "Turboatom".

Installation of the equipment was completed in January of this year. Next were performed commissioning and acceptance testing with the engineer-in-chief of "Turboatom". When the turbine to achieve its rated capacity of 25 MW, have been confirmed by vibration and power characteristics. Butterfly valve was functional tests: the opening and closing of the online and work in the general algorithm to control the unit.

At the station, starting in 2007, the plant carries out reconstruction of four Francis turbines RO-75-B-225 unit capacity of 23.5 MW with replacement impellers, guide blades, turbine upgrade individual units and four hydraulic locks diameter of 3.2 m result of the work unit power turbines has increased to 25 MW increase in efficiency was 3.5%. On the hydraulic lock system has been improved sealing, bearing units and automation system.

Delivery of the equipment to the customer was completed in 2009. This is the second unit Naglu plant was put into operation after reconstruction. On the other two units are carried out works.

The composition of plant Naglu includes four units with turbines and hydraulic lock of OJSC "Turboatom". The station was put into operation in 1965. Delivery of the equipment was carried out jointly with the company "Tekhnopromexport" (Russia). The contract for the modernization of HPP "Turboatom" and "Tekhnopromexport" signed in December 2006.

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